Ohhhhh yeaaaaa! I now have a licence to catch up with my back log of tracks, seeing as I have (unintentionally) not really done a lot of that since the Tides of Time EP.


Did someone say Tides of Time? You did?! Awesome! Because it’s time to share with you the final track of this EP released back in May 2015 called “Mystery“. This whole release was produced around the time I was finishing my PhD (July 2014) as I went through the emotions of joy, jubilation, relief, confusion and a sense of “was it really worth it” before rolling with it all and accepting that life is a mystery.


Just one final post about the Tides of Time EP to come, which will wrap this release up nicely before I move on through the next releases I have had with Allowance Records and the Audio Animals!


I look forward to taking you on the next chapter of my musical journey!


All the best




P.S. try clicking on some of those links I’ve put in here 😉

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