Locked Away

Ok, phew, we have got the Tides of Time EP out of our system, what now? What new discoveries are lurking around the corner…? Discovery you say…. Fascinating ūüėČ


I guess I’m doing my own thing here with a “Wind-back Wednesday” approach to it all, seeing as my¬†Discovery¬†EP was released back at the end of October in 2015. However, I believe this track,¬†Locked Away,¬†was one of the last original songs I posted on my SoundCloud page as I have been focussing on¬†my podcast series. That will start changing though as I am almost there¬†getting the YouTube and SoundCloud channels in sync!


Anyway, without prattling on for too long, what’s the actual song about? Aha, here’s a chance to dive in to the details… and why is it so grimy? Easy with the questions there, muffin head! All will be explained.


Remember in the last blog how I said a lot of the tracks I had started on were when I was doing my PhD….? Well, guess what?! At the time of writing this track, I was doing my PhD! Let me set the scene.


I had left my accommodation at University because funding¬†had run out and I couldn’t afford to pay rent (you have 3.5 years of funding to do experimental work and then 1 year non-funded to write your thesis). I moved back with the parents and I was trying to get in to the “writing zone” for it but it just wasn’t happening! I then looked for temporary jobs to keep me relatively sane but then I wasn’t writing my thesis. Dilemma.


Something happened that meant I could have a job AND write my thesis at the same time. “OOOOH, what was it Nicky?!” I hear you scream. Well, it was a job at the University again, working for my supervisor so I could be on site and get corrections easily (at least that was the theory). The job itself was in a building where I was pretty much the only person in there, it had the build of a 1960s science block. It was very dark and the lab I was doing my work in had no windows. So it felt like I was literally Locked Away.


Ohhhhh did you see what I did there?!


So the crackling sounds from the intro, grimy sounds of the bass line and the maddening melody as it reaches the drop all reflect the dark, horrible nature of the lab, the building and the heavy feeling of this thesis over my shoulders as I was locked away in that place, trying to find the key to get out.


Hopefully you enjoyed that “little” write-up! I think it’s always nice to hear about a song so thought I’d share that with you.


I did initially have this song up on my SoundCloud page and one of my good friends, Laura Witherden, was racking her brains to come up with a suitable photograph for it. This was the picture that we used for it back then before it got released and got the Allowance Records make-over. Head on over to her page and indeed Allowance Records for extra content!


This is the picture that used to represent the Locked Away track before it was released on Allowance Records


Take it easy now





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