Rewind Wednesdays – End Of The Tunnel

After a very surreal day today, it felt right to post about this track I made 2 years ago. Why, what happened today? Pull up a chair kids and let me tell you!


I took a trip back to the University I studied my BSc and PhD at today because the company I currently work at scheduled a sales visit to one of the research labs there. I hadn’t been at the University for nearly 14 months and it was a strange feeling of nostalgia, sadness and happiness to see some old faces, almost like going back to school in a way.


Anyway, it pretty much led to today’s post about End Of The Tunnel because it signifies the momentous occasion of completing my PhD (I know what you’re thinking, there seem to be a lot of tracks I’ve made relating to this but when you’ve slogged it out over such a long time, one song isn’t enough)! The intro with a “suspenseful feeling” about it represents the beginning of the end of it all before the main drop comes in with a dark, heavier bassline to sweep you off your feet as I try and express the rush of good vibes I felt. The melody that comes in to the second breakdown is one of pure joy and leaves you with a sense of achieving something great.


Hopefully you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane! The photograph was taken by Laura Witherden and it perfectly matched up with the song and the song was mastered by the gentlemen at the Audio Animals.


There will be more “Rewind Wednesday” moments from me throughout the year as I revisit some of the older tracks I have made once per month.


Enjoy the free download at my SoundCloud page 🙂


Take it easy



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