The Easter bunny LOVES Drum & Bass!


The good old UK weather (i.e. not good) has meant that I’ve had a bit of time to work on podcast number 6 for you guys and girls!


I have been informed that the Easter bunny is indeed a big fan of drum & bass so this podcast will go down well with our fluffy friend (what am I talking about?!)


Anyway, many thanks to the artists who have allowed me to use their tracks in these podcasts. I always ask for their permission as a sign of respect and hope to get them more followers in the process. You can click on the links below to follow them and this is a free download on my SoundCloud page too.


If you’re creative, be it a photographer, painter, artist, music producer or a poet, I’d like to hear from you! Get in touch and we can arrange an article on the “Spotlight” tab!


Take it easy now




00:52 – 04:22
Chromantis – Losing You

04:22 – 09:46
Colossus – Passing By

09:46 – 14:17
Bronski – Dawn of Good Times

14:17 – 19:22
Erykah Badu – Next Lifetime (Al Pack bootleg)

19:22 – 22:17
Momentum – On Fire

22:17 – 26:39
R-Monix – Hangin’ On

26:39 – 29:55
Coercive – Revival (Nicky Havey remix)

29:55 – end
Coercive – Imminent

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