The uncertainty of life….

Whoa, things got philosophical all of a sudden with all these deep tracks about life. However, like most music producers, I find solace in making songs about events that happen in my life and it’s great that you, the fans, fellow producers, friends and family can relate to and enjoy these productions. So what about Uncertainty? What about it indeed!!


Phwoar, this is probably one of my deepest, tranciest tracks I have made and it all started from, yes you guessed it, the University days (there will be a time when I stop referencing this but not for a while seeing as it consumed my life for over 9 and a half years)!


The title pretty much says it all but I made this one to reflect the feeling of uncertainty I experienced as I was finishing the project I talked about in the Locked Away article. As I was coming to the end of my 9.5 year tenure at the University (February 2015), I was leaving somewhere very familiar and it was a big step for me. Where would I go from here?


Well, that’s pretty much what the Discovery EP is about actually, from the time I started the project where I felt trapped and Locked Away, through this feeling of Uncertainty and then beyond. Wait, beyond? There’s more?


Oh yes, you’ll just have to wait for the next blog to find out 😉


Thanks to the Audio Animals for their mastering expertise and of course to Allowance Records for releasing my music!


Take it easy




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