Tides of Time by Nicky Havey – What’s that all abaaaaat?!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s only been 9 months since the release of my debut EP with Allowance Records…. errrr yea….. about that….


Well, I’ve FINALLY got round to posting all of the tracks across all platforms now (YouTube and SoundCloud)! Hurray! This means that the one thing left to post about is the Tides of Time minimix I made back in October and then we can move on to newer things…. by newer, I mean the next thing to catch up with!

You can get access to all of the songs from the EP by clicking here.


As I close off this particular chapter of my music “career” (who knows, one of those “Throwback Thursday” posts might spark this again), I’d like to tell you what the EP was all about in my own words.


A lot of the songs I have written (and still yet to finish for that matter) were during my PhD days (2008-2014). I was asked by Allowance Records if I wanted to release my music at a time when I was nearing the end of my PhD. It seemed appropriate that I picked the best 6 songs I could find in my “catalogue” to describe this outrageous journey!

We start off with “In Time”, which I wrote about 12-15 months before I finished the PhD. The sounds of the opening melodies were, in my mind, reflecting dreams one day of finishing this damn PhD that had already taken me over 4 years to do up to this point. The chirpy vibe emphasised the feeling that, in time, I will be a lot happier when I get this out of the way.


Then we come to “The Rush”. I remember creating this one very well as I was moving house, seemingly every month (although in reality, it was every year), at a time when it was very unsettling. We’re talking about 8 months now before handing in my thesis (June 2013). I had a call saying there was a project available at the Uni, which meant that I “would be able to go through my thesis with my supervisor” (I could write a whole section about this topic on it’s own but I would die of old age by the time I would finish it!).  Therefore, I had to pack up all my gear at my current house, look for a place to live etc… as you can imagine, it was a mad rush…. hence, that’s where “The Rush” came from.


The title of “Jump Up Feel Good” is quite self-explanatory but you would be forgiven for thinking it’s not quite so cheerful and chirpy. The long, minor chord intro with space synths flying around the place like drunk UFOs, leads you to wonder where the “feel good” comes into it. However, I put all that jump up, feel good energy in to the drop. The reason for that long intro was because it reflects all the long hours I put in to the final stages of writing my thesis and the final assessment, before the high energy drop happens, which represented finishing the corrections and handing it in (some 330 pages and over 5 years of work). Phew! One happy guy here!


Was all that hard work really worth it? Where do I go now? What do I do from here? A load more questions like these bubbled to the surface as I didn’t really know what to do with this doctorate. Seeing as it had been my life and consumed every waking moment for 5 and a half years…. The deeper feeling in this song reflects all of those questions I had and it definitely seemed to resonate with a lot of the listeners on my SoundCloud page.


Blimey, Misty Shores…. one of the most complex songs I’ve ever made and it took a long time to complete this one. However, it’s complexity and seemingly disjointed sound scape  stems from the fact that life is a rich tapestry (as my Granddad used to say). As I sought answers to the questions I had been posing, I had to make my way through some disjointed and unsettling thoughts in my mind before things would become a lot clearer. The track title, Misty Shores, is meant to paint a picture of someone trying to make their way back to land but they can’t see it due to the misty shores (at least that was the metaphor I had in my mind when I thought of the track title).


And then we finally get on to Mystery, where the energy of the EP seems to pick up again but in a different way compared to the opening tracks. As I shake off the questions and I’m setting sail to “Terra firma”, I accept that actually, it’s OK not to know what the path is in front of you. Life will throw you all sorts of curve balls that you can’t expect, even if you try and think about every scenario (which you can’t, believe me). So actually, “Mystery” represents my feeling of acceptance that life is indeed a mystery, we just have to ride it as the Tides of Time will carry on anyway.


I hope you enjoyed the whole EP and this final write-up about it from me.


I will be catching up with single releases and looking in to newer songs with future posts.


Thanks for all of the support (and for reading this if you made it this far!).


Until the next one, take it easy.



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