Hello there! It’s the weekend, which means that it’s time to provide some “light reading” for you and today, I’m diving deeper in to my Reflections EP with a track called “Dreaming”. I’d say that this is probably the most bubbly out of the 5 from the EP and, you guessed it, we’re still talking about events that happened last year.


“But why is this the bubbliest out of the tracks?” I hear you ask. Keep on reading dear followers and you will find out 😉


So, I don’t know if I mentioned already that last year I went travelling…? Just kidding 😛 Dreaming, for me, represents the pinnacle of the adventure I went on and it felt as though I was in dreamland. Having been locked away in a lab, slaving over a PhD and doing project work for 5 years without any real break, this was all about rewarding myself in the biggest way possible and yes, travelling is as good as people say.


You could argue that there is a bit of sadness with the chords in this one. I did write the Reflections EP when I came back from travelling so there is probably a sense of missing the freedom of last Summer but some great memories to reflect on for sure!


That’s pretty much all I can say about this song other than I hope you enjoy it!


I do have something for you to look forward to next week, how do the words “Free download” sound?


Have a great weekend everyone, stay positive and take it easy 🙂





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