Truthseeker – Discovery EP


Thank you to everyone who listened to the podcast I uploaded last week and showed your support. After a great response, I feel it’s time to carry on with the chat about my released tracks with Allowance Records. This time, it’s all about Truthseeker from the Discovery EP.


If you remember back to my previous blogs, I mentioned that the Discovery EP is all about finding things out both internally and externally. Well, after I finished the PhD and had a load more free time on my hands, I started to search for a few things, what was it that I really wanted to do now, why was I feeling so uncertain and actually still down about things? I mean, having spent the last 5 and a half years focussing on getting the doctorate out of the way, I didn’t really think about much else (other than getting the hell out of dodge)!


There was a whole world out there that I wanted to see and revisit. Some of my friends had been travelling around and experiencing amazing places, while most of my other friends and family had been on holidays, which added to the depression as I sat in the dark dingy office. There was a tipping point where I thought, “You know what, screw it, I’m going to reward myself. It’s time to change it up, do something that I am not used to; solo travelling”. It was this “truth” that I sought and I took the plunge.


I decided to leave the University and I booked my Summer of travelling in 2015. I didn’t really know what I was going to do career wise when I came back at this point, I was still applying for jobs and having interviews but that didn’t really matter to me because I knew what I needed to do at that point in my life. It was time to go on an epic journey of discovery.


I hope you enjoyed reading that little passage about Truthseeker. Next up, I’ll tell you about the Discovery and share some of the moments from that epic adventure with you.


Take it easy



2 thoughts on “Truthseeker – Discovery EP”

  1. I am glad my family, friends and I got to share some of your epic adventure.
    I enjoyed truth seeker and liked the new sounds.
    I am amazed at how passionate you are about your music. Keep it up ?

    1. Hey Wordy! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment on the blog 😀

      It was great to see you and hang out for 2 weeks seeing your friends and family on the epic adventure. It all started chez Wordy’s!

      There’s many more songs and articles to come, I have a big backlog to catch up with 🙂

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