May the Drum & Bass be with you (that’s right isn’t it??)


I’m no Star Wars expert but I think that’s what Obi Wan Kenobi meant when he bid farewell to Anakin Skywalker?! Just kidding folks, take it easy, there’s been a lot of these “May the fourth be with you” posts today, naturally!


After last Friday’s amazing turn of events when York posted my “On The Beach remix” (featuring TigerPaw) on his Facebook page, I then got a follow from the legend on Twitter as well so it was a pretty kick-ass weekend! The response has been very positive from you guys and girls too, which is always humbling so thanks 🙂


What was also kick-ass about last weekend was that I didn’t have to work on Monday (hurray) and I was listening to an amazing set from Allowance Records owner FiendReflex, which inspired me to start mixing my next podcast (Havey’s Highlights Volume 7)! I will upload this at the weekend along with a full track listing and links for you to go ahead and follow those artists.


I have had a few strikes recently on my YouTube channel despite getting permission from the artists to use their tracks, which I can only assume comes from the labels they’re part of as sometimes, the songs go on to get released. Having said that, the strikes don’t appear to have hampered my uploading ability so as long as you’re still enjoying them (and I know I am) then they shall continue! It’s all part of trying to help out fellow artists in the best way I can and have their moment in the spotlight 🙂


Take it easy folks and keep tuned for this weekends Drum & Bass podcast!







2 thoughts on “May the Drum & Bass be with you (that’s right isn’t it??)”

    1. Yoooo Mr. B!! Thanks for that man, just having as much fun as I can over here! When I eventually upgrade to some gear that I wouldn’t be ashamed to be seen with then spinning live could be a possibility! Nice to hear from you too man, I’m going to be making my way through Canada again next year for the big 30 so hopefully we can meet in a random supermarket again?? 😀

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