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It’s that time of the month again… drum & bass podcast time that is! Yes, this is where you get to hear my mad scientist voice introduce some energetic beats from my friends and underground artists on SoundCloud. I’ve trawled through a back catalogue, sent a message out to the artists who’s tracks I have featured and they have all happily agreed to let me mix them together for you in this 8 track bonanza!


In other brief news, I’m on Twitter now (ooo err) so come along and say hello over there and as always a big thanks to the artists, friends and fans who have kept the positive vibes going this past month. As a way of saying thanks, I’ll be giving away another free download at the end of this month where YOU get to decide which track you want. My remix feat. TigerPaw of “York – On The Beach” has been well received after winning in April, which one will be the winner come the end of May?!


Anyway, I hope you enjoy the mix and show some support to the artists, their links are below along with the track listing. You can download the podcast here.


Take it easy





00:33 – 05:16

1 – Bronski – I Would Be A Liar

05:16 – 08:10

2 – Coercive – Revival

08:10 – 11:52

3 – Nicky Havey feat. Vechal – Burning In My Soul

11:52 – 16:14

4 – Mr SeSs – Waste Land

16:14 – 20:20

5 – Exit Point – Tell Me

20:20 – 24:04

6 – T:Base & Identified – The Truth (Northern Zone remix)

24:04 – 28:03

7 – Greekboy – Searching

28:03 – end

8 – Mediate – Everytime (Aperio remix)


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