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That’s right people, it’s that time again! The first poll I made in April got such a great response from you and we had a winner in the form of my remix (feat. TigerPaw) of On The Beach by York, reliving a classic trance anthem from the beginning of the millennium. You can read all about that amazing story here.


But enough of badgering on about last month, what about this month?! Well, there are plenty of choices on display and you get to pick from the same list as last month (minus one) to try and get yourself the free download you want. Same rules apply this time folks… in that there are no rules really!


You can vote as many times as you want for as many different songs as you want, the one with the most votes will be given away as a free download next week! It really is that simple 🙂


In other news

In preparation for a huge release in the next couple of weeks with various artists on the Spring Break Compilation Album on Allowance Records, I’ve been asking the producers to write a little bit about their contributing track so we can find out more about what inspired them to create their song. I will be including their comments in some sort of “release article”, which I have no idea how it will turn out but will try and make it as entertaining as possible for you! You are in for a treat as there are some lovely liquid tracks in there, with a couple from yours truly too, so expect a write-up about those for sure!


I’ve also found out that I’ve been regularly featured on recent LW Recordings Compilation albums, of which, Black Hole (from my Reflections EP – I haven’t told you about that one yet 😛 ), my remix of A Better Life by FiendReflex & Gina Lola and Locked Away have been included, so that’s really humbling and of course a big thanks to them for releasing all of those!


Finally, I’d also like to thank those of you who have listened in on the latest podcast. There are some jokes in there but most importantly, 8 great songs from talented music, cock-handedly mixed together by me! In the next podcast, I might be getting a friend or two in to have a bit of banter over the microphone to provide you with some more entertainment! Time will tell 🙂


Anyway, that’s all I have at the moment, get your voting shoes on (voting shoes?) and I look forward to presenting the winner next week!


Take it easy




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