It’s time for Spring Break!!!



Yes, the Spring Break compilation is finally here from Allowance Records artists after the months of hype and it features a variety of drum & bass tracks ranging from liquid to jungle and anything in between! Two of my tracks feature on this one so naturally, let me tell you a little bit more about them!


Trixta feat. Elle – Submersion (Nicky Havey remix)

I was asked to remix Trixta’s original last year but I never got around to finishing it until the early part of this year. The original had a very lively feel to it so I took a more mellow spin and kept elements from the original such as the beautiful vocals from Elle through in to my remix. I hope you enjoy!


Nicky Havey – Happy Days


Happy Days is all about reflecting on our happiest moments in life and as Spring is here and Summer is on it’s way, I hope that you get to enjoy many more happy days 🙂 This was a long time in the making and in fact, started out back on 29th January 2012 (crumbs) before finally getting the finishing touches applied for this Spring Break compilation!


What about the others?

I’m glad you asked! To give you a little flavour of what else is in store, I caught up with a few of the artists featured on this album and asked them a bit more about what their song is all about. Here’s what they had to say, along with a bit of my notes on the tracks too:


Tailwhip – Virus


Nicky’s notes:

As this track starts off on a light melodic vibe, the dark vocal quickly lets you know that some serious bassline is about to be dropped and Tailwhip delivers a hard hitting jump up style drop which gets you bouncing.


Tailwhip says:

“My track was literally conceived whilst watching a really bad zombie movie with a sick spoken word sample. It reminded me of 2 step dirty jump up samples, so chopped the sample and laid the track down in a few sessions in the studio. Bangin’!”


[email protected] – Clique


Nicky’s notes:

With the opening string melody building and developing as the track progresses, the vocals deliver a powerful message for us to take a step back and think about the deeper things in life.


[email protected] says:

“Personal fave from the heart this one 🙂 created on a deep notion of unity and personal growth over materialism 🙂 ”


Marcus Tee – Emergency


Nicky’s notes:

The old school style of drum & bass returns with this one from Marcus. Starting with the opening drum break and the song progression with introductions of heavy basslines and catchy chords, this track has a very nice combination of old versus new.


Marcus Tee says:

“Originally this track was made exclusively to be dropped at the EmergencyFM 5th birthday party at the Queens Head in Redditch – a dancefloor orientated party tune with a touch of liquid & a nod to the old school. Soon after it was finished, Peter asked if I would like to submit a track for the Spring Break album & I thought this would fit well.”


DJ Relitivity – Synthetic Solice


Nicky’s notes:

The classical sounding violins and piano in the introduction add something very different to this compilation. You wonder where it’s going to lead but when the drop happens with the amen drum beat and bassline, it’s a great combination.


DJ Relitivity says:

“This track is based around the original euphoric liquid tracks that I first fell in love with and I decided to work with a classical violin and piano sound in the track to give it a really authentic feel.”


Trixta UK feat Ella Sopp – Deeper Love


Nicky’s notes:

Trixta comes in with his signature style of big opening chords and loud basslines, mixed in with great vocals from Ella Sopp, to give you a track that will grab you tight and take you for a ride.


Trixta UK says:

“I wanted to create a feel good vibe liquid track featuring beautiful chords and lush pads, with the awesome vocals of Ella Sopp, I thought that the track complimented her voice, I put the usual Trixta UK basslines to it and created the Spring time banger……! The drums I used were mainly from tech and liquid styles. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making it…..! Peace Out.”


Prizm Prime feat. Gina Lola – My Future Me


Nicky’s notes:

For a guy who doesn’t usually make liquid drum & bass, this track is very good and I hope he dips more in to liquid dnb! The opening piano chords set the tone and when Gina’s lovely vocal work come in, you will start singing along and click that replay button.


Prizm Prime says:

“My first attempt at Liquid DnB genre (I usually do harder and more bass heavy DnB). Original vocalist flaked out on me and Gina agreed to fill in on vocals even though we had hardly any time left before the deadline. She NAILED the PERFECT vocal and the track became one of my favorite tracks I have ever made – EVER! BIG UPs to AR and also to Gina!”


Emotion1 – Turning Point


Nicky’s notes:

Emotion1 providing an upbeat track here which has that late night cruise  around town feel to it. It is very catchy and should get you hopping in a car in the evenings for a little drive around in no time.


Emotion1 says:

“Turning point is a track I did because I felt I was at a point in life where a change had to happen, a new direction for me so I can concentrate on music more. So it has a mellow but catchy vibe to it to get you head nodding hopefully 😉 ”


Quartizone – Unlock The Sun



Nicky’s notes:

Quartizone brings her unique trance/melodic style in the intro before delivering big sounds on the drop in the instrumental version. The vocals of Josiah provide another dimension which compliment the instrumental very nicely indeed.


Quartizone says:

“This summer inspired tune is an upbeat roller to get the sunshine vibes going, need cheering up, look no further. Quartizone made this as part of a university single project and asked her classmate and lyricist Josiah to work with her. The rhythmic catchy leads and rhythmic baselines make unlock the sun a track to get the summer started.”


FiendReflex – Say Good Bye (feat. Chantel)


Nicky’s notes:

FiendReflex + Liquid = Winning Formula. Always love hearing his style of liquid and this one has that anthem feel about it with the great melodies and Chantel’s vocals fit in very well also, giving it that extra level.


FiendReflex says:

“Say goodbye is a beautiful track with tuning that tugs on the heart strings, and heartbreaker lyrics, this vocal roller will have you nostalgic and wanting to hear it over and over. Not fiend reflex’s usual style, he decided to make a melody to fit the mood of the time as he was suffering a lot of pain from his previous back injury.”


These are just some of the tracks that are on display in the release. You can click here and check out the other tracks on the release and show your support to the artists as well.


Thanks for listening in and stay tuned for future releases 🙂


Take it easy



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