The people have chosen… and wisely!


What is love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more….


Oooooo, you have chosen so very wisely as I put a drum & bass twist on an absolute 90s classic! The results of last month’s poll are shown below and you can see that the track you wanted with the most votes was Haddaway – What is Love? (Nicky Havey remix)!


Poll Results May 2015


You may have noticed on my SoundCloud upload that it is 4 years old already. Well, I know time flies but that’s a bit ridiculous isn’t it?! How has 4 years passed before this has been let loose again in the public domain? Pull up a seat (you’re probably sitting down already) and let me tell you 😉


Noobish Beginnings

It all started in October 2012 when I was just messing around with the music software as I was looking to get to grips with how everything worked. I eventually stumbled across a VST contained within and started smashing the keyboard to see what various effects would happen, which explains the short, stabbing opening sound you hear throughout the remix.


As I then explored chords, other sequences and sounds, the melodies came together with a quirky, lively drum beat. I could sense a high energy track in the making. Suddenly though, out of nowhere, I just hummed to myself, “What is love?” and then the hunt began for the vocal (acapella) of “What is Love by Haddaway”! I was hoping that the key of the acapella would fit perfectly in to what I had made and luck was on my side as it did!




First upload

I wanted to gauge how the remix would go down with my followers back in 2012 to see if the risk of remixing such a well known track would be worth it. I uploaded a short clip and, to my amazement, people were really taking to it and were asking that I finish this! As a man of my word (although working on a completely different time zone), I listened to the people and finished the track off (with a “perfect mixdown” using the latest in-ear running headphones and no mastering). Well, at least I finished the landscape of the song off….


Many revisions later….

I decided to hide the remix from my SoundCloud page about 2 years ago (2014) as I knew the sound quality was terrible but it still remained my most played track and the first to go over 1,000 plays. Time went on and I was slowly investing in better music equipment, eventually getting around to revisiting some of my older tracks. As I was wading through the back catalogue, I stumbled across the “What Is Love” remix and thought I just had to finish it for good, get it mastered by the Audio Animals and give a chance to the people to vote for it in the poll, which they did and now it’s here to stay 😀


I hope you enjoyed that little story and don’t worry, there is plenty more to come 🙂


The picture is from Ben Nevis in Scotland, which I took when I did the UK 3 Peaks challenge in 2014.


Take it easy



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