Back in Action! New Drum & Bass podcast :D


It’s about time I posted something again. After being inspired by some comments and activity recently with my music from DJ Pi and Maya Stone (as well as encouragement from Bronski and my friends), I decided to get another podcast going (click here to download it)! Pi put in my track “Burning In My Soul” recently in one of his shows (click here to listen to it) on to BassPort FM and had some really positive things to say, which got me out of the rut I was feeling and Maya Stone has been supporting Allowance Records artists for a while now, including my latest track Happy Days in her show (click here) this morning. So a big thanks to you both!


You know the drill by now folks, I post a 30 minute mix featuring 8 tracks from artists who I’ve been following for a while and deserve more views, as well as a track from yours truly! Be sure to show your support to the artists in the track list below and stay tuned for more content!


Take it easy




Track list

00:00 – 05:00

Chromantis – Hopes & Dreams


05:00 – 06:38

Dynamic Minds – Launch


06:38 – 09:31

Paul Carlin – The Journey Goes On


09:31 – 14:12

Eight Arms – Humanity


14:12 – 19:14

R-Monix feat Gangstarr – The Right Way


19:14 – 23:12

Youngen – Ironbreak Owl


23:12 – 26:47

Nicky Havey – Far Away


26:47 – End

Mitekiss – Bridge

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