Make sure you don’t fall in to the “Black Hole”


Hey everyone and welcome back to another edition of “Windback Wednesday” where I try and get round to uploading songs which I should have done a few months ago 😛


This time round, we’re carrying on with the journey through the Reflections EP and stumble in to the Black Hole, where the mood takes a slightly deeper turn with this one. “Why is that?” I hear you ask inquisitively… Let me explain.



So, last year, I decided to do a bit of travelling to reward myself, having been stuck in a dusty lab for most of my PhD and project work, it was my chance to break out for a little while! I had an amazing time visiting Australia, Canada and USA, meeting some weird and wonderful characters along the way. However, as the saying goes, “all good things must come to an end” and that’s where the idea behind “Black Hole” came about.



I arrived back home after a total of 10 weeks away and, you guessed it, a major case of the holiday blues struck. It was as though there was a black hole, a void, culminating from the sheer sadness that I had during the “back to reality” phase.


So I opened up my music software and started creating this track, the bells that ring throughout representing me trying to call someone to pick up (like a telephone that just rings out) with the growing bassline and atmosphere as the sadness grew.



But hey, it’s ok now, I have some great memories to look back on and share travelling tips and tricks with you so you can plan some holidays yourselves to the amazing places the world has to offer.


Plus we all got a song out of it 😉 (Big thanks to Allowance Records for releasing my music and of course, the Audio Animals for mastering the track)


I hope you enjoyed reading that and you can catch up with all of those places I visited by clicking here.


For those who want to head over to my SoundCloud page and listen to it there:


If you want to buy the track, you can click here (if you do, you rock!!)



As always, take it easy, more goodies coming soon!



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