Free Drum & Bass Track Inside (as requested)!


You’ve made a great choice this month ladies and gentlemen for your free Drum & Bass download! The results of the poll are shown below and the track with the most votes was my remix of Brukah’s track, “Ostseeküste”.


July 2016 Free Download Results




You may not have heard of him before so here’s a little bit about the man. He’s a German music producer, creating really nice liquid drum & bass beats, featuring collaborations with the talented Bronski as well. I’ve included a few tracks of his on my Havey’s Highlights podcast and it’s safe to say, I will be including more of his songs in future podcasts too! Brukah’s links are below:





So how did this remix come about? Well, I remember hearing the original track when Brukah first uploaded it to his SoundCloud page in October 2015 and thought that it was very nice indeed. I left a comment on the upload, praising him on his effort but less than a week later, he messaged me asking if I would like to remix it. I was very surprised but delighted to be asked and gratefully accepted! Within a couple of weeks, I had created the remix but as per usual, it took me a lot longer to actually get it finished off.


We ummed and erred  as to whether we would release it or not and in the end, Brukah lost the original in the ether (it happens, much to a producer’s disappointment) and so all that was left was my remix, which is now YOUR remix as you voted for it in this month’s poll!


As for what the song means itself, I asked Brukah and this is what he said:


“I think I have made it because its my home and I love the great relaxed atmosphere here”


I can see why he feels that way. A quick Google search of “Ostseeküste” revealed lovely pictures of the Baltic Coast, you should give it a go!


The picture I used for the artwork is not of Ostseeküste though, that’s one I took when I was on holiday at Whitehaven Beach in Australia (rather than get stung for copyright by pinching an image off of Google!).


Free Download

You can get the free download from my SoundCloud page – click here to go there! As always, thanks to the Audio Animals for mastering this one and bringing it to it’s maximum potential.


Anyway, I hope you enjoy this month’s free download, thanks to all of those who voted, until the next time, take it easy!




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