Your Free Drum & Bass track as promised :)


Hello you awesome people, I hope you’re all well! The results of the free Drum & Bass poll are in and for the first time, every track got selected by one of you so a huge thanks to everyone who got involved. There can of course be only one winner (well, you’re all winners really as you get a free Drum & Bass track) and the song with the most votes is my remix of Talk To Me by True Illusion & Kymberley Myles!

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August 2016 Free Download Results


How did it come about?

Well, if memory serves right, it was a chilly December night in 2014 when I got a message from Paul Ashmore of the Audio Animals, asking me if I was up for doing another Drum & Bass remix. I was naturally thrilled to be asked and without hesitation said, “Yes!” before even hearing the original!


As I started listening to it, I was bouncing along to a two-step old school garage sounding track created by True Illusion with some smooth vocals from Kymberley Myles and was wondering, “How can I convert this to a Drum & Bass remix?”


I did a fair amount of re-working with the vocals and turned the happy vibes from the original to a more trance based track. Unfortunately, I can’t find a link to the original at the time of writing this article, so hopefully it surfaces and you can see how I changed it.


However, it was great fun to be a part of and after finally getting it finished and mastered by the Audio Animals, it is now yours!


I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for next month’s free download!


Before I go, I’ll try to upload clips in time for next month so that you can have a taster of what you’re voting for 🙂


Take it easy



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