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August has arrived (frighteningly quick by the way) and to follow on from the Spring Breaks album, the artists of Allowance Records have pulled together and created a bonanza of tracks for you to make sure that you get the most out of Summer 2016! I feel very lucky to be part of a label with a talented group of artists bringing you a variety of different styles and I managed to hear from some of them about their tracks on this compilation. Here’s more from the artists involved with the Summer Bangers compilation (released August 5th 2016):


Nicky Havey  – Far Away

You might have heard this one on my latest Havey’s Highlights podcast if you tuned in (click here to listen to it). I made this one to reflect the feeling that finding a special someone appears to be so far away at the moment and I’m almost frantically drifting along (represented by the trance elements of the song). It will sort itself out in the end I’m sure. I had a recent conversation with a work colleague who gave me some hope that it will happen. “You’ve both been waiting for each other your entire lives but your paths haven’t crossed yet”.


Nicky Havey – Smash & Grab

If you have been following me since the beginning, you might have heard an older version of this track. I decided to give it a re-work and gave it a diet (it was around 7 minutes 30 seconds when I first made it). I think the main melody of the drop is based around a memory I had of some background music that was playing during the interim on some talent show, possibly on Pop Idol, way back when. I was trying to emulate its fairly simple melody on my keyboard and wondered how I could turn it in to a hard hitting Drum & Bass track. Lo and behold, Smash & Grab was born with it’s fast, driven beats for you to power your way through to the beaches this summer!


[email protected] – Inner Peace

“Smooth liquid vibes to calm the soul” – [email protected] Fusion


Nicky’s comments

This is one of the more liquid drum & bass style tracks on the compilation and a nice way to open up the proceedings. A chilled track that will take you to calmer waters.


[email protected] Ft. Baby Gee – Addicted

“Epic cinematic vocally driven track with a slightly dark twist” – [email protected] Fusion


Nicky’s comments

So from the liquid vibe of the opening track, to a more darker sound with some haunting vocals from Baby Gee, this can turn the mood around in an instant. Great drum beat used in this with a hypnotic vibe to the over all track, for those who enjoy their summers a little on the darker side!


Carbone – Angle of Trajectory

“Rough & Raw piece of DnB Tune, Spectral Bassline & Cutting Neuro’Bass with Dirty Breaks & Wiked Synths Vibez” – Carbone


Nicky’s comments

Instantly from the intro, you can tell something big is brewing here as the sounds grow and build before giving you a heavy, gnarly drop. Not for the lighthearted this one!


MisterB – L.E.O.

“Spacey minimal chlled vibez” – MisterB


Nicky’s comments

This one definitely has that minimal feel to it with the reversed chord sounds, almost like “Mad World” by Tears For Fears. A chilled out, eerie vibe going for it, this is for those who want to use their summer holiday for introspection.


Opius – Dub Power

“One for the carnival!!! The summer hasn’t shown but the carnival is in the bible!!! Big bouncy Ragga jungle ShIZz that you can actually dance too.” – Opius


Nicky’s comments

Opius brings the old school dub sounds to the fray as he delivers a high energy drum beat from the off, leading to a great energy on the drop for all generations.


FiendReflex – Anything You Want

“Vocal, tech, roller, giving everything you want with a side of future sounds and revved up bass lines.” – FiendReflex


Nicky’s comments

The intro in this one is what we’ve come to love about FiendReflex, a slightly trance feel to it filled up with great female samples before delivering his trademark neurofunk bassline style to drive that energy through.


Dj Relitivity & FiendReflex – Electrick Beauty

“The beauty of a collab, that brings the euphoric sounds and lush pianos from Relitivity and the dirty, pumping bass lines and tech roller drums from FiendReflex. A collab that just keeps giving with every minute.” – FiendReflex


“The original track was experimental and didn’t fall in very well with the album so Fiendreflex offered to do a collab and I happier than larry with the out come” – Dj Relitivity


Nicky’s comments

The piano opening sets the tone for a light, melodic intro that you think will keep a liquid vibe throughout… but wait for that drop, you will be surprised and delighted I’m sure! You can definitely hear the two different styles of the artists come together in eclectic harmony with this one.


Lost in the Wreckage ft. Jacoby Riot & C4Z – On The Beach Tonight

“Vocal DnB with a big crossover feel thanks to the snarling live guitar riffs, which captures the vibe of freedom and elation just as a spontaneous beach party hits it’s peak” – Lost in the Wreckage, Jacoby Riot & C4Z


Nicky’s comments

The tranquil spacey opening chords with the vocals are perfect for getting your hands up in the air as the build comes to deliver a big drop. A great feeling for this song, which combines sounds from all sorts of genres, from trance, to a bit of rock and then drum & bass. Really nicely done!


Szero – Metadata

“Straight hard hitting neurofunk roller to start the day.” – Szero


Nicky’s comments

There’s no messing around with this track, the dark atmosphere should be no surprise as the intro hits you straight away with an intensity that grows into the drop. One for the heavy hitting drum & bass fans here!


G&J – Vision

“Bringing you some nice electric summervibes with this one.” – G&J


Nicky’s comments

Definitely gone for the electric sounds with this track with a nice chord progression that maintains and develops after the drop for a futuristic sounding summer!


G&J – Raw

“Neurofunk roller with a deep bassline and hard hitting drums.” – G&J


Nicky’s comments

I would use the name of the track to describe it, no pleasantries, it is just raw. With a different feel to G&J’s other track in this compilation, it just goes to show the range of styles on offer. Another one for the hard hitting fans here!


Final Comments

So there you have a brief insight in to this compilation. Plenty of different styles from a variety of different artists, touching the huge spectrum that is the Drum & Bass genre. I’ve included some links below to buy the songs and show your support to the underground artists:


Click HERE to buy the release


Szero Facebook Link –

Matty Bdnb Facebook Link –

[email protected] Facebook Link –

FiendReflex Facebook Link –

Nicky Havey –


Thanks for your support and enjoy the release!



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