Reflections – Rounding off the Drum & Bass EP


Ah, Reflections, I have finally got round to writing about you and telling the wonderful people all about your deep meaning. Join me in this blog and find out about the Reflections song and EP, some 9 months after it was released with Allowance Records. Let’s get to it!


Reflections – The Song

There are some things that just stick in your mind and I remember the reason behind the creation of this song well. Reflections came about after a conversation with a good friend of mine who goes by the name of Wordy (around December 2014). The topic moved to the big transition I was going through in my life at the time. I had decided to leave Birmingham after 9 and a half years and was in to my final month, tying up all the loose ends and such. It was in that phone call we both started going in to a deep reflective mode and looked back at all we had achieved. I do love a good reflection (that’s why I don’t look in the mirror heyooooo)!


Harmony Lake - Whistler Mountain - Canada


After the phone call, I went straight to my music studio to harness this powerful emotion as I began working on the song. The deep chords emphasised the nostalgic feeling that the 9 and a half years were drawing to an end and the chirpy ‘piano’ melody representing my happiness with what I achieved at University. I worked quite hard on the second breakdown half way through the song to really get that “distant” sound as if to say, “cheerio” before bringing the main beat back one more time for that final “hurrah”!


Having said that, it’s also a future thinking track where I look back on these times (and look forward to the big travelling adventure I had already planned) to help drive inspiration for other dreams later down the line.


Reflections – The EP

Honestly, the whole EP is a bit of a mish-mash of introspective songs I made in 2015 but they all came together to tell a story!


2015 – Looking forward to the year ahead (when I wrote the track at the beginning of 2015!)

Dreaming – Thinking about the epic journey.

Black Hole – Feeling a deep sadness after coming back from travelling.

Skyway Meadows – A song for one of the highlights of the travels.

Reflections – Looking back at all that I have done and using it to fuel future inspirations.



So there we have it, the Reflections EP, another mini-loop of my life in 2015 presented to you in 5 Drum & Bass tracks and released by the wonderful team at Allowance Records back in January 2016!


You can get the full EP by clicking here.


Thanks to all who have supported my music and got involved so far. What was your favourite track of the EP? Do you feel inspired by any of the stories from the blogs? Let me know in the comments below!


Take it easy



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