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Ladies and gentlemen, how are you?! What a busy week this has been in my music circle with the wonderful Maya Stone hooking me up with DJ D-Vox who played out a couple of tracks that were on this month’s free download poll on her show last night! That prompted a big response and for the first time, we had a dead heat!


Ooooo exciting!

The two tracks that were involved were actually not the ones played out on D-Vox’s show, instead they were:

  1. Jx – Son of a Gun (Nicky Havey remix), a blast from the past that has been re-engineered more times than the High Wycombe buses!
  2. True Illusion feat Jenny Jones – Killing Me, another remix of True Illusion by me, am I sponsored by him or something?!


Which free download do we get?!

As this was a dead heat, I used the very high tech solution of putting these songs in to a hat and randomly picked out Jx – Son of a Gun (Nicky Havey remix)! Wooohoooo!! There’s a link at the bottom of this article which will take you to your free download!


Is there a story behind this one then?

Well, it’s not as extravagant as some of my previous stories but there’s still something 😛


The remix itself came from one of those afternoons back in March 2012, when I definitely should have been spending time slightly more productively on my PhD! That’s right, this remix is actually 4 and a half years old! I was sat at my desk in my room, snooping around my music software and just started playing around with sounds, hitting my keyboard randomly until suddenly, I heard something that seemed very familiar.


It reminded me of Son of a Gun by Jx as it popped up randomly on my mp3 player during one of my many walks in to Uni. A quick online search to see if anyone had done a Drum & Bass remix of it yielded no results so I thought, let’s just go for it! I found the vocal and the song basically came together almost too perfectly! It was one of my earliest songs I uploaded to SoundCloud and quickly became very popular.




So why is it in this download poll?

Put simply, my production skills back then were terrible, the balance of the sounds was awful and I took it down for a few years, until I started getting better at balancing my tracks (the purchase of proper studio speakers helped with that conquest). That’s when I started sending my songs to be professionally finished by the guys at the Audio Animals studio and, once completed, I put this in the poll and as you voted for it, you can now blast it out of your car speakers!


In fact, there is a funny story behind this, which starts off with my friend, Photo Addict (who helped me set up this website) downloading the first version of this remix 4 years ago. He went to his friend’s place as his mate was showing off about how he had these brand new speakers fitted in to his car. Now, remember how I said my production skills were a little bit loose back then? It turns out the bass was a little bit too strong and I received a message later that day from Photo Addict saying that the track blew his mate’s car speakers 😛 Whoops!


Anyway, click here to get the final remix, car speaker friendly (although I make no guarantees that it won’t cause damage – disclaimer 😀 )


Thanks for the support and getting involved! More free downloads to come, make sure you subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss a trick!




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