So this crazy fool is running a marathon for Mind….

Safe to say, I would much rather be at Whitehaven Beach in Australia on the 16th October, doing as little as possible as the waves lap at my feet.



However, I will be putting myself through a tough ordeal as I do my best to run 26.2 miles in under 4 hours in Amsterdam.


A gruelling six month training program that has seen me run over 300 miles (307.91 to be exact) from a combination of 50 training runs & hikes, with an 18 mile run at the weekend being my last big training run. I’m hopeful this will give myself as good a chance as possible to achieve that goal!


Are you a glutton for punishment or something??

Well, I don’t do this for my own pleasure, I’m mad but I’m not THAT mad 😉 Rather, I’m trying to raise awareness and sponsorship for Mind, which is a support network, not just for depression sufferers but all mental health sufferers and to help raise awareness that we are not alone in the struggle.


Why Mind?

I have had some unfortunate experiences with depression, both personally and impersonally, seeing how it has gripped friends and people I know is such a sad thing to see and I want to raise awareness that mental health is a really important aspect of life. Mind just felt like the right charity for me to choose for the marathon.


I also want to encourage people to try and get active. You don’t have to run marathons, a simple 20 minute walk each day will do, even if it is round the block and back! This will make you feel a whole lot better and can drastically improve mental well being as well as physical. Who knows, you might enjoy it and want to push yourself further like I did when I first started 🙂


Alright, you’re still a crazy fool though! Where can I sponsor you Nicky??

There is now a justgiving page that I have set up, which you can find below. Feel free to donate as much as you want, it’s all great motivation one way or another 🙂


Thanks for the support, let’s do this and go go go geddit!




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