Swiftly Moving On…


When I found out I was going to have the honour of being the final artist to have a release on Allowance Records, I was naturally very excited and even nostalgic. More so because I’ve been involved with the label a fair bit in the last 18 months or so since Peter instilled belief in me that my music is good enough to be released. Furthermore, the title of the Moving On EP and the story of the tracks contained within couldn’t be more fitting! In short, it’s 4 track EP full of positive vibes from a time in my life when I needed it the most. The journey beings as I leave behind the negative influences in “Distant Memory”.


Not Drum & Bass?

The eagle eared among you will notice that this is NOT Drum & Bass… what?! That’s right! I went down another route with this one as I experimented with a different genre, something I haven’t done since Broken Magic way back when! You will also be seeing non D & B releases from me at the beginning of next year but we go off topic slightly 😛


Quit yo’ jibber jabber fool! What is the track about??

Aha, well the track itself represents a faint recollection of all the negative things that happened during my PhD, a somewhat rusty peek in to the past. It feels like a different life now as I have moved on from it all and when I get asked questions about how I pulled through the PhD, my responses aren’t nearly as detailed as they once were. So I guess you could say it’s remnants of a distance past that I will still remember but it won’t affect me as much psychologically and physically anymore as I’ve moved on to pastures new 🙂


What about the artwork?


Well, this was a pleasant surprise from Peter & Gina (head honchos of Allowance & Exitus) as they sent me a message of artwork for the EP. This is my current Facebook profile picture where you can see me ruining the scenery on Mount Snowdon as I look over the Minor’s Track, contemplating my next move. The next move being scaling the summit where the mist envelopes you so you’re unable to actually see five metres in front of you. Pity, that’s the third time I’ve been up to the top of Snowdon and I still haven’t seen the summit yet! I digress AGAIN!


Anyway, contained in that message was a modified version of this picture for the album artwork and that was that! It really was as though the stars aligned for this Allowance “send off” as we all move forward to the next chapter.


You can get the full song by clicking here.


I hope you enjoyed that little tale and there are positive vibes galore in the next few posts as we dive deeper in to the EP 🙂 Let me know if you liked this venture out of DnB too by posting in the comments below!


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Take it easy now



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