Time to Get On It!!


Come on you slacker, Get On It!

As you might be aware, someone (me) is running the Amsterdam Marathon on 16th October and this weekend’s upload couldn’t be more appropriate! With one week to go, it really is time to “Get On It”!


A huge “Thank You” to those who have donated already to the Mind Charity through my justgiving page. You are awesome! I have been getting notifications throughout the week about all of your generous pledges, with the total so far reaching over £300 (at the time of writing the article)!! Thank you so much, the response has been inspiring and more than I could hope for!


What about the song?

The clue about this track lies in the title really! As I move on from the slightly mysterious Distant Memory, I find myself flipping the switch and presenting a super energetic, frenetic track with “Get On It”. I wanted to depict a feeling of being really galvanised to push on through the negative barrier to wonderful things that can only be achieved by sheer grit and determination. I’ve gone for the impact from the off in this one and I hope you feel a drive and inspiration yourself to push through the negative barriers and Get On It!!




Feeling energised?

Let me know if you do! The full track is available here and I hope you are enjoying the EP so far! The picture is one I took in Yosemite Valley last year, you can see Half Dome in the distance.


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Thanks for all the support as always 🙂



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