Drum & Bass Pep Talk!


I’ve been in a good place with all the developments that have been going on recently! So much has happened that I haven’t had time to get through the “Moving On” EP that was released at the end of September with Allowance Records. Until now that is…. 😉


Moving On

I wrote this track when I was escaping from a dark period in my life and contemplating moving on to bigger and better things (around January 2015). I finally had the courage to stand up and say I had had enough of the environment that brought me isolation, depression and a total disregard for my well-being. This was one of the most satisfying things I have done and I strongly encourage anyone who is feeling down about their current situation to be pro-active and improve your life.


“Moving On” captures the moment when I decided to go travelling and the overwhelming positive feeling it gave me in doing so. Instead of just talking about it, I actually did it and it gave me a sense self-confidence, even though I’m still low in that personality trait these days. It taught me that it’s better to just take the plunge than to live in something that you’re familiar with, even when the familiar ‘thing’ is really damaging to you!


With that in mind, this song is one of my personal favourites I’ve made as it reminds me to keep challenging myself and push towards those new horizons. I hope that you feel inspired to drive yourself to do things outside of your comfort zone after reading or listening to the track. Don’t let fear stop you from doing the things you want to do 🙂




Shout Outs

I was over the moon when Louise Carron Harris told me she was playing “Moving On” on her New Music Discovery Show on Marlow FM 97.5 so a big thanks to her. One day we’ll get that interview sorted out (3 years in the making now haha)!

Also thanks to my friends Laura, Andy and Lucian who were always there for a supportive push.

Finally, of course all my music friends and fans who chipped in with the positive comments along the way. It really does make a difference!


Where can we get this song?

So to get a cleaner, full version of the song, you can click here and enjoy the EP. I look forward to telling you about the final track, Playtime, in due course 🙂


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Take it easy



2 thoughts on “Drum & Bass Pep Talk!”

  1. Congratulations Nicky for Moving On being played on Marlow FM. I like the new sounds that tell a story of how courage led to positive changes in your life.
    May it inspire others to follow in your footsteps.
    Sharon (aka Wordy)

    1. Hey Wordy! Thanks for the comment and I am pleased to hear you like my new sounds too! I always do my best to inspire people to better things and hopefully it brings more positive feelings to the readers 🙂

      Nicky (aka Navy 🙂 )

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