A Spaceman Came Travelling….

Ho ho ho! I have another Christmas treat for you following on from last week’s “Walking In The Air Remix”! Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback and a big thanks to Marcus Tee for putting the track in at the end of his Drum Culture mix. You can check it out here.


Another Christmas treat?

You better believe it! First though, let me flex my poetry skills and tell you how I got on to making this cover of Chris de Burgh’s “A Spaceman Came Travelling” with my friends a few years ago.


Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the flat,

Not a creature was stirring, not even a cat,

The decorations were hung on the walls with care,

FL Studio was open but the playlist was bare,

The musicians were thinking, “What song shall we make”?

“A Spaceman Came Travelling – do our own take?”


Thus this cover was born.



Back in 2013, I lived with a talented classical musician called Charlotte Rose, who is one half of a lo-fi acoustic duo called 55BPM. Lydia Pickering, who makes up the other half of the duet, studied in the same department at University as me and we’d spend many hours moaning about our PhD’s! When these two ladies combine, they make some lovely chilled out music, which you can listen to here.


Anyway, after many hours in the “recording studio” (i.e. our living room in a block of flats in Birmingham), we managed to get all of the individual elements in place and had a song structure that we were happy with for the cover. I’m sure the other residents in our block of flats LOVED hearing countless recordings of trumpets, violins and the like! Alas, it was worth it 🙂


Charlotte and Lydia combined to create the vocals, guitar, bells, trumpet and violin sections whilst I added in the FX, drums and synths.


As Christmas 2016 was fast approaching, I realised that our cover song needed some fine tuning and with a final polish from the Audio Animals, it is here for all to enjoy!


We hope that you like our take on the classic Christmas song from 1975! You can download the full track in high quality here!


Merry Christmas


Nicky & 55BPM 🙂


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