Time for a Drum & Bass Christmas


Hello everyone! I hope you’re really starting to get in to the “Christmas spirit” by now! I’m certainly hearing more of those “Christmas songs” on the radio so there’s no escape from it πŸ˜›


In fact, I was at a work’s Christmas party last week and up popped “Walking In The Air” sung by a young Aled Jones, which prompted me to write about a remix I began way back in December 2011. It had remained hidden for a long time but I decided to finish it off once and for all (the producers know this dilemma I’m sure)!


But why this one?

As a kid at Christmas time, I would be subjected to a multitude of children’s Christmas programmes and one of the most iconic of them all was “The Snowman”. This is an animated cartoon in which a young boy builds a snowman in his parents garden. When everyone else has gone to, the Snowman comes alive and takes the boy on a magical journey through the lands. You can watch the full episode here. As the magical journey happens, the famous “Walking In The Air” song begins and you join in this adventure. It’s a really moving song that stays with you.



I wanted to put my own spin on it, blending harder influences with the dirty bassline and rawer drum beat but keeping the spiritual atmosphere from the original with my own melodies. I would say that the part of the song between 3:50-4:35 is probably my personal favourite bridge in a song I’ve made.


I hope you enjoy the remix, I have to admit, I was a bit nervous when I first posted it and still am now as it is slightly controversial. Alas, I’m a Drum & Bass artist and I want to share my creations with you πŸ™‚


You can get the free download here


Thanks for listening



6 thoughts on “Time for a Drum & Bass Christmas”

  1. This is the greatest Christmas I have heard since cliff in the 80’s. This has band aid ’16 potentials. Thanks Nicky have, smashing it as ever!

  2. This combines 2 of my most favourite things, drum and bass and Christmas! Congrats “Saint” Nicky H keep on smashing it into 2017 and beyond

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