Branching Into New Territory – Let’s Get Deep Down Dirty!


Hello everyone and a Happy New Year to you all!


I’ve been busy visiting my good friends in the state of Texas in USA but if you have been following me on my Facebook page, you’ll have seen some pictures of pretty lakes, countryside and posing dogs! However, I have exciting news for you as 2 of my tracks are being released with Deep Down Dirty! Note: This is NOT Drum & Bass 🙂


Deep Down Dirty

This fresh record label first caught my eye last year when I had previously been experimenting with other genres. As Allowance Records was only a Drum & Bass label, I didn’t know what to do with these tracks but I got introduced to the industrious Maya Stone who was looking to set up her own label after hosting shows and doing a lot of music promotion.



Maya and I started talking and I speculatively forwarded on a couple of tracks to her to see what she thought of them, not expecting much really. However, I received the great news that she wanted to release them on her label! To have that huge compliment from someone who is so heavily involved with genres I’ve not worked in before was very warming indeed! Plus she is a very hard working, enthusiastic individual with completely the right approach and no ego, a lesson for anyone 🙂


Hidden Secret

I started both these tracks off when I was going through really dark times, which induced my depression. Thankfully, making music helped vent some of the frustrations I was feeling and this is where Hidden Secret comes in to play. The tranquil, chilled opening is meant to depict my personality as I’d like to think I am a fairly chilled out person but when I get pushed too far, things boil over and the animal is unleashed, which is when the song starts to turn more aggressive. You could say I go out of character, revealing my Hidden Secret…


This cycle repeats itself in the track and the tranquillity returns once again before the rage returns on the second drop. Eventually, peacefulness returns, ruling all rage out of the equation.



You can buy the full song here.


Break The Beat

I wanted to go down the break beat route here to vent my frustrations. The rather simple introduction reflects me just dawdling along until hitting a “brick wall”, where it all boils over as the rough bassline comes in. Again, the cycle repeats itself but life goes back to normal in the end as calmness returns. The name of the song was a bit of an afterthought and is really based on two things:

  1. It was a break beat track and,
  2. I had broken the mould of making my usual genre of Drum & Bass beats.



You can buy the full song here.


Hidden Beat

In summary, this EP is all about me venting my frustrations at things that happen in life, overcoming them and returning back to normal in the end, which I do by branching out in to breakbeat and electronica.


I hope you enjoy the EP and let me know what you make of it in the comments below!


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Finally, thanks to everyone at the DeepDownDirty label, the artists, all of you who have supported me and the Audio Animals for their mastering expertise!



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