It’s Playtime! [Melodic Drum & Bass track]


Hey you, how’s it going?! Welcome back to another blog of mine! This time I will be wrapping up the story of the Moving On EP with the final track called “Playtime”, a high energy melodic drum & bass track to get the blood pumping more than it already is (assuming you’re alive and well)! But what’s it all about? So glad you asked 😀



I really wanted to bring across a positive, uplifting drum & bass track to round off this EP and Playtime was the result. It is meant to depict complete freedom and enjoyment from the negative environment I was in before, which lead to mild depression at the time. I made a big decision to get myself out of there, overcoming my fear of the unknown and challenging myself to actually do what I said I wanted to do all along – travel the world.



So that’s what I did and I truly enjoyed my Playtime, seeing some wonderful places and meeting some very interesting people. I look forward to the next adventure! I’ll be sharing more of my travels in coming weeks and hopefully inspire you to take your own leap of faith and get that well earned playtime 🙂


Where can I get this drum & bass EP??

Thanks to Allowance Records (now Exitus Records), you can get the full EP by clicking here.

Also thanks to the Audio Animals for bringing this song to it’s full potential.


I hope you enjoyed the Moving On EP, let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂


Speak to you soon



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