De-stress with 1 Hour of Liquid Drum & Bass


I know it’s been far too long since I’ve written a blog, produced a track or been involved with anything to do with music. The truth is, life outside of music has taken over and I really had to prioritise a few things before getting back on the music wagon (more on that to follow in subsequent blogs).


However, I have to say that doing last night’s show on the Platform Project on Bassport FM was exactly what the doctor ordered (and needed).


Being a part of a growing community of like minded people who love their Drum & Bass and just hang out (albeit digitally) makes you feel like you have a sense of belonging. You know they have your back and that’s what the Platform Project is all about, as well as giving lesser known artists a chance to get their music heard.


So last night’s show for me is more than “just another 1 hour DJ set”. It’s an escape, a chance to de-stress from the realities of ‘real life’ by playing liquid Drum & Bass tracks that have helped me through many a tough time and give back to the community. Whilst trying to keep it as entertaining and interactive as possible with those who are able to listen in live.


In the show, I mix together 16 liquid tracks ranging from the heavyweights in Hospital Records to those who you may not have even heard of before.


But before I let you click play (although you can click play whenever you want ๐Ÿ˜› ), I want to give a big thanks to DJ Pi who covered my show last month at short notice and put together an amazing guest mix and interview with Scott Allen, the owner of Soul Deep Recordingsย and to Noah Menard of Drumbase who’s generosity and kindness for letting us use his chat room was very much appreciated.


So without any further delay, here’s that link I’ll allow you to click play on now ๐Ÿ˜‰


What was your favourite track of the mix? Let me know in the comments below!


Are you an artist who wants to have your track featured? Then you can get in contact on my Facebook page


As always, I hope you enjoy the mix and I look forward to bringing you many more!






1)ย  00:00 – 05:07 – Malaky & Bone Man – Always (Free on SC)

2) 05:07 – 08:42 – Tribal Injection – My Next Thing (Nicky Havey remix) – Deep Down Dirty Label

3) 08:42 – 12:40 – Monrroe – Fleeting Love – Galacy Label

4) 12:40 – 14:28 – Switch & Lenzman – Ice Cold Soul (Original Mix) – Computer Integrated Audio Label

5) 14:28 – 18:47 – Mode:Funktion – That Funky Bass – C:Recordings Label

6)ย 18:47 – 23:05 – WMB – Piano Talk – Influenza Media Label

7) 23:05 – 26:40 – Silence Groove – Scandinavian Dream – Offworld Recordings Label

8) 26:40 – 30:37 – London Elektricity – The Great Drum & Bass Swindle (Logistics remix) – Hospital Records Label

9) 30:37 – 34:13 – Giocator & DJ Ike – Need No Blackout – Offworld Recordings Label

10) 34:13 – 37:28 – Bcee – Our Time – Spearhead Records Label

11) 37:28 – 41:05 – FOTH & Dark Origin – Base Jump (Free on SC)

12) 41:05 – 45:24 – Al Pack – A Quarter After Two – Soul Deep Digital

13) 45:24 – 49:00 – Legion, Logam & Adam Wright – House of Cards – Program Label

14) 49:00 – 52:41 – Bank – Cheese & Crackers – Soul Deep Exclusives Label

15) 52:41 – 56:16 – Danny Byrd – Soul Function – Hospital Records Label

16) 56:16 – 60:12 – FiendReflex & Gina Lola – A Better Life (Nicky Havey remix) – Allowance Records Label

2 thoughts on “De-stress with 1 Hour of Liquid Drum & Bass”

    1. Hey Wordy! Thanks for the welcome back, it’s good to be back amongst it! Glad I get the “paws up” from Siegfried too ๐Ÿ™‚

      I hope everything’s yahoo with y’all!

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