Liquicity Brixton 2017 Review + New Drum & Bass Mix!


Leading up to Liquicity at Brixton, I had driven about 1,000 miles in two weeks with my evening routine consisting of being in bed at around 9:30pm. I was burning out for sure. However, I knew that I had an awesome weekend planned with my good friends – Bassbird & Bronski.


I had never met these guys in person but we have been following, messaging and listening intently to each other’s songs and mixes for years. When we did get together last weekend, it really was something special!


How I was going to make it through the event on Saturday was anyone’s guess considering my body clock was set to be in bed before the event actually started! This is where the painkillers, PLENTY of tea (and I mean gallons of the stuff, I don’t think I’ve drunk so much tea in such a short space of time), tuning in to Detroit Raver on Drumbase before hand and a hint of tequila came in handy to get us all feeling pumped for the night ahead!


There were loud bangs going off in Brixton that night as well, surprisingly it wasn’t gunshots but actually fireworks due it being Guy Fawkes weekend and our flat had a great view of the many fireworks lighting up the sky. But we didn’t come here for the fireworks, we came for the bangers at Liquicity!


So once we arrived and after queuing to drop our coats off in the cloakroom for 45 minutes, meandering through the maze in Brixton Electric, we made it to the dance floor and got shakin’ to the beats! I was very excited to see some of the artists I’ve featured on the Platform Project such as Aperio, Monrroe, Macca, Loz Contreras and Malaky and thankfully there were all in one room playing after each other. So that’s where we stayed for the whole night!



I have to say, we absolutely dominated the dance floor and even found ourselves at the front for much of it, prancing around in front of the DJs. It was quite something! My Fitbit was going berserk as well, informing me that my fast stomping “dance technique” was propelling me through 25,000 steps over the 4 hours and smashing all fitness targets! Dancing to your favourite music is great exercise it seems 😀


Anyway, I think we were all left inspired by the great vibes of the evening and I felt compelled to do a show myself on Drumbase last night, which included a recording from the morning after Liquicity, where you can hear all our thoughts on it, followed by a 90 minute liquid drum & bass mix of my own tracks.


It was far too long between my last Drum & Bass night out but now we have a little group, which will hopefully grow, I think I will be going to these a lot more! Hopefully see you boys and girls at the next Liquicity event 😉


What was your favourite track from the show? Let me know!





00:00 – 08:35 – Liquicity Review with Bassbird & Bronski

08:35 – 12:56 – Nicky Havey – End Of The Tunnel

12:56 – 17:08 – Monaco – What Do You Want From Me? (Nicky Havey remix)

17:08 – 20:24 – Nicky Havey – The Rush

20:24 – 23:16 – True Illusion & Kymberley Myles – Live Another Day (Nicky Havey remix)

23:16 – 27:14 – Nicky Havey – 2015

27:14 – 30:49 – Brukah – Ostseeküste (Nicky Havey remix)

30:49 – 34:46 – Nicky Havey – Reflections

34:46 – 38:00 – FOTH – Godfellas (Nicky Havey remix)

38:00 – 42:20 – Bronski – Serious Bizniz (Nicky Havey remix)

42:20 – 46:40 – Nicky Havey – Desire

46:40 – 52:47 – TigerPaw – Always Love (Nicky Havey remix)

52:47 – 57:27 – Nicky Havey – Overload

57:27 – 1:01:35 – GMaks – Perfect Miracle (Nicky Havey remix)

1:01:35 – 1:06:16 – York – On The Beach (Nicky Havey feat. TigerPaw remix)

1:06:16 – 1:07:42 – Nicky Havey – Far Away

1:07:42 – 1:11:39 – Nicky Havey – Locked Away

1:11:39 – 1:13:27 – Nicky Havey – Dreaming

1:13:27 – 1:17:24 – Nicky Havey – Hasten to Forget

1:17:24 – 1:21:48 – Nicky Havey – The Comeback

1:21:48 – 1:25:02 – Nicky Havey – Moving On

1:25:02 – 1:28:38 – Coercive – Revival (Nicky Havey remix)

1:28:38 – 1:32:35 – Nicky Havey – 3 Peaks

1:32:35 – 1:37:09 – Haddaway – What Is Love? (Nicky Havey remix)



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