Platform Project – July 2018 Drum & Bass Show Now Available!


Yeaaaa buddy! July’s edition of the Platform Project is now up on Mixcloud for your listening pleasure. Simply click the play button above and away you go! This month, I return to the decks for another feast of Liquid Drum & Bass and it wouldn’t have been a live show without a slight technical hitch would it…?

Technical Hitch?

Yes, a technical hitch. It was pretty damn hot in the studio and somehow, the interview recording with R-Vee malfunctioned during playback and I was left with some dead air… d’oh! That’s what happens when you don’t put 50p in the electricity meter ūüėõ All’s well that ends well though and it’s been patched up in the Mixcloud upload. Although…

Pi Catch-up & Banter

I also managed to catch up with the Adonis that is DJ Pi, as he tells us the latest on his RED4GREG campaign. He is running every day for 2018 and reveals some incredible statistics about it all. We also used our vivid imaginations to paint a picture of how R-Vee turned up for his interview and the Furnace of Creativity – you’ll want to have a listen for sure!


Speaking of R-Vee, it was great to see him again after missing out on an interview opportunity last year when I saw him on my holidays. We made it right this time and he doesn’t disappoint! A few tracks from his new “Move In Time” EP got some airtime and they have his trademark chilled DnB styles. You won’t be left disappointed after listening to the tracks¬†from this rising star in the DnB scene. Find R-Vee’s Soundcloud page by clicking or tapping the image below:

Platform Project Philosophy

As is our philosophy on the Platform Project, we always try to showcase tracks that are submitted to us from producers in the scene as well as bring good vibes to everyone who listens in. When these producers stamp their unique sounds on their tracks, the challenge is always merging them together in a fluid fashion. Having said that, the epic comments from those producers who tuned in live informed me I wasn’t doing too badly!

So all that leaves me to say is, thanks to everyone who got in touch in the chat room, the numbers are growing each time and it’s nigh on impossible to keep up with everything that’s going on in there – I love it! Stay positive folks and enjoy the show.



00:00 – 08:23
Catch-up DJ Pi & Nicky Havey

08:27 – 11:39
Sunshine¬†–¬†DJ Chap, Critycal Dub – Deep Side EP – Liquid V – 2015

11:39 – 13:48
Midnight Caller – BCee and Lomax – Nu:Directions – 2005

13:48 – 15:36
Kiya¬†–¬†Calibre, Crow – Second Sun LP – Signature Records – 2005

15:36 – 17:24
Lottie’s My Sunshine¬†–¬†Three20 – I Can’t Stand It EP – Nu:Venture Records – 2015

17:24 – 19:12
Recovery – R-Vee – Move In Time EP – Smooth N Groove – 2018

19:12 – 23:52
Stargazing (Dark Matter Remix)¬†–¬†Nicky Havey – Stargazing EP – 2018

23:52 – 25:05
Tell Me (Original Mix)¬†–¬†Tokyo Prose – Fourfit EP05 – Soul:r – 2015

25:05 – 33:33
Guest Interview at Porthmeor Beach by R-Vee & Nicky Havey

33:33 – 36:27
Move In Time – R-Vee – Move In Time EP – Smooth N Groove – 2018

36:27 – 38:15
No Returns – R-Vee – Move In Time EP – Smooth N Groove – 2018

38:15 – 40:44
Party Time Love (Original Mix) – Skeletone – Summer Time Brazil Compilation – DNBB – 2014

40:44 – 43:39
Splitting The Atom feat MC Bluejay (Original Mix)¬†–¬†Lurch – Intrigue Music – 2016

43:39 – 45:26
Numb (Original Mix) – Intelligent Manners – Miracles EP – Fokuz Recordings – 2014

45:26 – 47:14
The Inevitable (Original Mix)¬†–¬†Monrroe – Inevitable EP – Celsius Recordings – 2016

47:14 – 51:12
Place In Space – Marc OFX – Good News Boppers – 2015

51:12 – 55:04
Believe In You – TigerPaw – Free on SoundCloud

55:04 – 1:00:06
Wake Up (Nicky Havey Remix)¬†–¬†Juxta – Unreleased

1:00:06 – 1:03:34
Losing My Mind¬†–¬†Chromantis – Unreleased

1:03:34 – End
Fear In A Man’s Eyes¬†–¬†E1 – Free on SoundCloud

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