Some Of You Wanted To Hear It Fully, Now You Can – Stargazing EP Full Streaming Link Inside :)

Feeling buoyed from our recent feature on BBC Introducing last weekend, DaveyHub and I decided to sit down (at least, I assume he was sitting down, hard to tell when you message online) and have a little chinwag about what we would do this coming week before releasing Stargazing to the world!

It was a very short discussion and we came to the conclusion that we’d let all you wonderful people have a pre-release gift seeing as we got some amazing feedback from you and it’s only right that we say thanks!

Stargazing Full EP Streaming Available

Yes that’s right, instead of just having the Radio Edit (a mash-up of the two tracks), we’ve uploaded the WHOLE EP for you to enjoy exclusively on Choon until 21st July 2018! We even have a write-up to warm the cockles too:

A collaboration of astronomic proportions between DaveyHub & Nicky Havey sees them create a perfect blend of Downtempo and Drum & Bass for those who look up at the night sky and want to delve in to the wonders of space!

The “Stargazing” EP features a pleasantly chilled track from DaveyHub (Celestial Sphere remix), setting the scene before the launch of Nicky Havey’s Dark Matter remix taking you on a Trance infused Drum & Bass ride through the galaxy.

Interested now? Here is a link to the EP for your streaming enjoyment 😉

Cool! But What’s Choon??

Well, for those of you who haven’t heard of Choon yet, it is a new music platform for producers to upload their music to and for listeners to create playlists, promoting their favourite tracks AND getting paid for it! The site uses cryptocurrency, which you can then transfer to Amazon gift cards at a later date if you so please.

Due to this ability of the site, we’ve allocated 50% of the streaming royalties to anyone who puts these tracks in their playlist to say thank you!

You can follow myself and DaveyHub on the links below:


We just wanted to say a quick thanks to Raven for the EP artwork and to the Audio Animals for the final mastering to bring out the best in these tracks!

For now though, enjoy the vibes and let us know what you think in the comments section!

Take it easy

Nicky & DaveyHub

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