1 Hour of Drum & Bass – August 2018 – DJ Pi & Nicky Havey

Welcome to the August edition of the Platform Project on Bassport FM!


With holiday season being in full swing, it was myself (Nicky Havey) who took over the helm for this month’s show as DJ Pi was making his way down to the jolly south west of the UK. In fact, that’s where I’ll be at the beginning of September so it seems to be a popular destination for the PP crew!

However, as we’re a versatile duo, we thought we’d combine both our mixing talents and bring you some of our favourites from years gone by, along with a few new tracks that have entered the fray.

What’s In This Month’s Edition?

Well, I kick things off with a track submitted from the Deep Down Dirty label before taking us back in time to the mid-2000s with some of the tracks that helped get me through my Undergraduate days. For those well versed Drum & Bass heads, this should be a very pleasant trip down memory lane.

Then, it’s the banter-laden catch-up with DJ Pi as we find out more about how his RED4GREG campaign is doing, where he is running EVERY day in 2018 to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy and new projects in the work from myself.

Following the chat, we let DJ Pi take us on a phenomenal journey through all kinds of sub-genres of Drum & Bass; dark, light, you name it. It certainly had the chat room buzzing.

New Chatroom

We have formed a new Platform Project chatroom now using the awesome “Discord” app which means we don’t have to do a Mission Impossible style termination of the old Facebook chat anymore (although that was quite amusing). Click here to join it.

We’ll be setting up channels where producers and fans can submit their tracks, announcements where we will be announcing new shows and the potential for some other bonus content that you may miss out on if you aren’t inside ๐Ÿ˜‰


A special shoutout to those who tuned in live on the night – Kirk, Tom and Simon providing the warm vibes in the newly formed chat room. Also a big thanks to those of you who listen in from wherever you are, leaving comments, liking and sharing the mixes!

And Finally

All that’s left to say is, if you enjoyed the show, let us know by leaving a comment, sharing and giving it a thumbs up ๐Ÿ™‚ Be sure to follow us to stay up-to-date about the next show, which will be onย Saturday 15th September 9pm UK time.

Take it easy

Nicky & Pi


00:00 – 04:37
Adina Ionita feat. Olivia Krinke – Catch (Sonic Construction remix) [DeepDownDirty – 2018]

04:37 – 08:12
Mutt – Lately I (Time Travel Vol. 3) [Fokuz Recordings – 2010]

08:12 – 10:20
High Contrast – Yesterday’s Colours (High Society) [Hospital Records – 2006]

10:20 – 13:08
Mathematics – Sphinx [Social Studies – 2005]

13:08 – 16:50
Q-Project – Computer Love (Renaissance Man) [Hospital Records – 2006]

16:50 – 21:30
DJ Marky & XRS – Closer (Total Science remix) [Innerground Records – 2006]

21:30 – 24:00
Syncopix & MTC Yaw – Ghostship [Form Label – 2006]

24:00 – 34:48
Nicky Havey & DJ Pi – Catch-Up

34:48 – 37:23
Shy FX – Plastic Soul (D-Bridge Metal Soul remix) [Digital Soundboy – 2008]

37:23 – 39:15
Logistics feat. Inja – Cold World (Reality Checkpoint LP) [Hospital Records – 2008]

39:15 – 41:05
J Brown & Shotik feat. Talabun – Badman [Nu Venture Records]

41:05 – 42:34
Kelayx – Digits [IN:DEEP Music]

42:34 – 45:09
4 Strings – Take Me Away (FAMCO remix)

45:09 – 48:05
Spirit – Bitter Sweet

48:05 – 49:20
Being – Dream Gate [Beat Spectrum / Animate]

49:20 – 51:57
Zen Dub – Peaceful Warrior

51:57 – 53:30
Zero T – Walk Away (Oddsoul remix)

53:30 -57:50
Marc OFX – Paris’s Spleen

57:50 – 59:40
A-Sides & Makoto – Final Fugitive [Eastside Records – 2009]

59:40 – 1:02:27
Break – Destiny Comes Ringing [Commercial Suicide – 2009]

1:02:27 – End
Pulsar – Melting Pot (Without A Trace EP) [DNBB]

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