It’s Time To Wake Up And Smell The Coffee – Rock vs Drum & Bass?


A couple of months ago, I embarked on a fun project as I was inspired by a rock group called Juxta, who perform live gigs and local festivals in Sussex, UK. At the beginning of 2018, I started finding out more about cryptocurrencies and what platforms are out there for musicians other than the mainstream ones like Soundcloud and Spotify. Lo and behold, Atom Collector Records popped up on my radar and I’ve been getting to know the community better over the last 9 months, listening in to the various styles from talented multi-genre artists.

Wake Up

As I sniffed around a bit more on this site, I stumbled across a few tracks from the head honcho of Atom Collector Records – Juxta. One track in particular stood out to me called “Wake Up”, not only due to the awesome lyrics but also because of the melodies and the epic vocal work. It was when I saw a blog post on Steemit by Juxta where he offered the track up for others to remix that I thought, I must have a go!

Rock vs Drum & Bass?

So this lead to the challenge of combining Rock music and Trance infused Drum & Bass. After a few weeks burying myself in the music studio, I conjured up what I felt would complement the original then submitted it to Juxta to see what he thought of it. I was nervously waiting on tenterhooks to see what he thought and later that day, I got the awesome news every remixer wants to hear – he loved it 😀

Smell The Coffee

Now that we’re over the excitement of the nearly completed track (of course, it gets the Audio Animals treatment as those guys are SO good at getting the audio sounding immaculate), it comes to the “naming” of the remix. In fairness, this was Juxta’s idea, I was just going to be boring and call it “Nicky Havey remix” but actually, it’s a little more fun to add something different in! Up popped “Smell the Coffee” remix, which was half said in jest but we both liked it and then Juxta sorted the artwork out.

Where Is The Track?!

Well, we’re very pleased to say that the track is out now on all good digital distribution platforms (Spotify & Amazon) but if you wanted to listen to it first, you can do so on the link below:

Here’s a write up from our Press Release to get you in the mood if you aren’t already:

Ever wondered what happens when a Rock band meets Trance Drum & Bass? Let’s find out with this high energy remix of Juxta’s “Wake Up” as Nicky Havey takes it to a different realm altogether! The original tells the story of trying to wake up the global population’s consciousness to various goings on around the world. Following that release, Juxta decided to offer the track for independent producers to remix it and Nicky did just that with this “Smell the Coffee” remake! 

Radio Evolved

Before I dash off from today’s blog, just wanted to give a mention to Atom Collector Records Radio Evolved show which happens every Sunday at 9-10pm UK time. Plenty of new music to check out from all genres, with live singing and improvisation beyond your wildest dreams! It’s also a great way to end the weekend and kick start your way in to the next week!

Until the next time, we hope that you enjoy the track and be sure to follow Juxta if you want to hear more! Rock on!

Nicky & Juxta


Lyrics for Karaoke Enthusiasts

Wake up from your slumber

Your eternal dreaming

You’re missing their scheming

Brush away the wool

They’re making you look like a fool

Yeah look like a fool

Cos they’re dumbing down the TV

And they’re dumbing down the news

But if we keep our wits about us

We can make ’em lose

We can make ’em lose.


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