Platform Project #50 (Drum & Bass Show) – Catch-Up Link Inside

The Big 50!

Oh yes, I had the honour of delivering the Platform Project’s big 50th last night and it was a great turn out in our new Discord Chat Room with awesome vibes had by all! Of course, a huge thanks to DaveyHub for providing us with an incredible 30 minute guest mix that started off chilled but then took off in a big way!

The Interview

I’ve known Davey for quite a few months now and we met via a brilliant musician community called Atom Collector Records which aims to help musicians get fairly paid for music streams by introducing them to a plethora of cryptocurrency music sites. We talk about Musicoin & Choon in our chat and a few of the collaborations that Davey has been working on, as well as future collaborations. He is open to working with anyone so if you wanted to get in contact, reach him via his Twitter account here.

Cryptocurrency Music Sites

As a producer and a listener, you can start to earn money on your streaming and playlists by setting up a free account and joining Musicoin & Choon. To create your account, click on these referral links below (you will get a bonus for signing up as well) and get cracking:

Choon – Doesn’t pay you “yet”. They haven’t got a price on their streams and we won’t find out until December but if you get yourself an account, you can start accumulating their token called NOTES.

Musicoin – You get about $0.011 per stream which pays in their token called Musicoin and you can use exchanges to convert to fiat.

Atom Collector Records – You can earn INDIE tokens by streaming music, which are redeemable for other products on their partner sites.

Next Show

Platform Project #51 will be hosted by “Fell Runner” DJ Pi on Saturday 17th November at 9pm UK time on BassPort FM. He is inching ever closer to his targets in the RED4GREG campaign (find out more about that here) and I’m sure he’ll give us an update then.

All that leaves me to say is a big thanks to those who tuned in last night or on the Mixcloud upload and hope you can join us for the next one!

Take it easy




00:00 – 02:56

Lessons of Love – XCert (Music is Life EP) – Listen on Choon

02:56 – 05:26

Kawa – Marc OFX (Perseverance EP) – Forthcoming

05:26 – 09:01

Walk Away – Pola & Bryson (The Music EP) – Soulvent Records – 2015

09:01 – 12:16

Starstruck – DC Breaks – (Hospitality Presents This is Drum & Bass) – Hospital – 2009

12:16 – 16:35

Lift Me Up – Bronski – Sent In

16:35 – 19:28

Inside Tonight – Greg Packer – (Inside Tonight EP) – Fokuz Recordings 2009

19:28 – 22:06

Tear You Down – Brookes Brothers (Tear You Down EP) – Breakbeat Kaos – 2014

22:06 – 29:20

Nicky Havey & DaveyHub – Interview

29:20 – 32:28

Calibre & Jet Li – Trees in the Wind

32:28 – 36:58

Dan Guidance – Deep Longing

36:58 – 39:09

DrumCatcher – Foot Joker

39:09 – 42:24

Anxious Minds – DJ Darkstorm ft Raven

42:24 – 44:36

U Wood – Watch the Ride

44:36 – 47:08

Klinical – Africa

47:08 – 48:55

Dub Phizix – (Right I’m Gonna get Shredded this weekend & eat some) Spinach

48:55 – 51:28

Hydro, DLR, Ulterior Motive & Kid Drama – Dredger

51:28 – 55:05

Logistics – Red Sky at Night

55:05 – End

Break – In the Clouds

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