3 Ways To Deal With Overload And Stress + Drum & Bass Track [Nicky Havey – Comeback EP]


Hey hey what’s up you crazy fools!

Well, I mentioned in my post from a couple of days ago about this next round of blogs. But. NOW. IT’S. TIME!

Time to start diving a little more deeply in to my upcoming EP called “Comeback”, which is all about coming back stronger than before from a time that has brought you down. Let’s tuck in to the first track – “Overload” – and find out how it came about as it may well be something you have experienced in your life too – work overload and stress.

Ironically, this blog gave me the most stress due to the new upgrade to WordPress v5 which played havoc with my Steemit page – sorry about that folks! Anyway, let’s begin!

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Dealing With Stress

Earlier this year was particularly tough for me at my previous job and I had some mental and physical health problems due to the overload and stress I was experiencing. Now, being overloaded at work is not uncommon, especially in today’s commercial environment. Even machines break when they are overloaded and we are not machines, so it’s important not to overload yourself. However, that’s easier said than done, right? So how can we deal with this overload?

Well, I’m going to share 3 things that I found useful which helped me get through that tough period and I hope it helps you out too.

1 – Don’t Bottle Things Up!

This is one of the worst things you can do as I found it leads to depression, anger, physical conditions and a load of other negative things that I didn’t want – I am sure there are other symptoms you may have experienced but it affects people in different ways, usually negatively. For me, I found that doing exercise of some description, whether it’s a walk, run or some other sport, is a great way to get rid of that negative energy.

Another thing I did was to talk to someone outside of the immediate work environment, like friends or family, about the frustrations I was feeling. It is far better to have an outsider’s perspective on things as we often get lost in the fog of the situation on our own and speaking to work colleagues can sometimes only add fuel to the fire. Plus, they have usually had to deal with a similar thing themselves so know how to calm you down. There’s no shame in talking about personal issues, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

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2 – Break Big Projects Down To Smaller Tasks

Secondly, I found that breaking those big, seemingly overwhelming projects down in to smaller tasks was essential. When you have an end goal that is pretty colossal, start working your way back and ask, “What do I need to do to complete that?”, then ask yourself again, “What do I need to do to complete THAT?” and follow this question down to the bottom to a start point, then go from there. For me, every little completed task felt like a victory and, if you’re as competitive as me, getting as many victories as possible feels like you’re winning and who doesn’t like winning?! 😉

3 – Take A Break!

Finally, you MUST try to have a holiday or a break so you can switch off and completely relax. It is so important to get yourself out of a situation causing stress and to hit the reset switch, plus it gives you something to look forward to. So even if you are having a bad day, you are one day closer to going on holiday. Always remember that this is YOUR life, not someone else’s so enjoy it as best you can!

Have a break and enjoy Cornwall 🙂


Now let’s talk a little bit about the first track of the Comeback EP, which you may have gathered by now is called Overload. No prizes for guessing that it’s a track I made when I was overloaded from work 😛 I wanted to keep a positive energy in the track to remind myself not to let this feeling of overload bring me down and help push through the tough times. “Life is a rich tapestry” as my Granddad used to say so take what learning experiences you get from a situation and apply them as you move forward!

Here is a little teaser from my Soundcloud page:

But if you wanted to listen to the full stream, well, that’s only available on my Choon profile at the moment, which you can find here.

For those of you on Spotify wanting to get your “Pre-Saves” in for the whole EP, click here and brace yourself for the 20th December 😉

Coming Up Next…

I’ll be going through the second track of the EP called “Broken”, which may sound like it’s all doom and gloom but I’ll try and put a positive spin on it as always! There may also be another entry in the Havey’s Travel Diary series, which is long overdue so either way, you’re in for a treat haha!

Take it easy