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Wait a second, where was the October 2018 or even the November update?! Sorry about that, got a little carried away with trying to get this little thing called “my life” sorted out as it’s certainly been a little chaotic over the last few months. But now, I’m starting to find my feet… who knew, they were at the end of my legs the whole time! Things have changed a lot this year for me in many ways and I am aiming to do a monthly update for those of you who may not be able to keep up with it all – myself included haha! Let’s get right to it!

Sorry folks, life happens 🙂


Wow, the website… Big thanks to Photo Addict who has been put through the ringers this year as I wanted to get a shop set-up for my music, merchandise and any other things I will be adding to in future. Something that probably should have been a little more routine turned in to an 8 month struggle to get a security certificate (that little green padlock in the top left next to the url) and everything else associated with being able to set up a shop online, it started making me wonder why I bothered haha!

Playing around with a new front page image!

But finally, this month he managed to get it sorted and things are starting to develop. The “Shop” now includes some of my tracks and I believe the whole “security issue” message that appeared should be gone now so if you’re up for trying out the cart and being one of the first MEGASTARS to do it then let me know how you get on! If anything needs to be improved or if it was easy to do, drop me a line on this blog or private message if you prefer 🙂

The shop is beginning to be updated with the music catalogue.

Speaking of adding to the shop catalogue, I’ve been going through the task of retrieving my previous releases on labels…

Previous Releases

The process of requesting my tracks back from labels came about in a number of ways but it was mainly driven by the fact I was getting (and still am in some cases) copyright strikes on my own tracks (on YouTube mainly). I of course disputed them, thought it was a joke at first, then they kept coming and coming and it was when I disputed one and the claimant said their claim was still valid that I thought, “Nope, that’s enough”. Funny thing is, the labels these tracks are on actually don’t exist anymore and they were pulling their tracks anyway. So me and the old label owner (who’s a legend in his own right – Axillian, check him out, making waves) have requested to have the tracks taken down. When that’s finalised, ohhh just you wait, they will be getting a makeover and back in the shop before you can say “my preciousss” haha

“Comeback” EP (20th December 2018)

So now, let’s look to the future and yes oh yes, there’s NEW music from me on the way! It’s been nearly 2 years since I had a release but this is the first time I’ve done it all myself so I’m very excited about this! The 6 track EP is all about being in a situation that has brought you to breaking point but you’ve bounced back stronger than before. Watch out over the next few weeks as I will be diving in to each track in more detail but here’s a short write up to whet the appetite:

This is about a personal journey of going through the motions and coming back from a feeling of Overload with things that are happening in your current situation. You get so overwhelmed you feel Broken but this doesn’t do you any good so you need to take a Reality Check. This gives some perspective and you realise you have Much To Learn, you realise you can achieve so much so you Can’t Give In and you achieve awesomeness when you’ve made your Comeback.

For those of you who use Spotify, you can pre-save the release by going to this link and adding it to your collection.

If you want to get a taster of the EP, well you can check it out on Soundcloud:

And if these clips aren’t long enough for you and you just want more then I have something extra special for you as you can listen to the WHOLE EP only on Choon! Click the images below to start streaming from this new cryptocurrency based music platform:

A big thanks to Gabriela Travels for putting this album artwork together, I’m grateful for the help and you’ve done an amazing job! We met through another cryptocurrency based blogging platform called Steemit and seeing as we’re on the subject…

Cryptocurrency Platforms

I think 2018 has been the year of cryptocurrency for me! I decided to buy some cryptocurrency around Xmas 2017 after sleeping on this technology for a few years and safe to say, it’s been a steep learning curve in many ways (oops)! Nevertheless, I only spent what I was comfortable to lose (which isn’t a lot anyway – always do your own research, this is not investment advice).

Then I joined a music community called Atom Collector Records (click the link to sign up, you’ll get a bonus 😉 ) which has been at the forefront of getting musicians and producers involved in all these new cryptocurrency platforms to help pave the way for indies to potentially live off of their music productions. Now, I’ve probably dived in to more platforms than I can handle and am trimming down which ones I use, so if you want to know where to find me, check the links below:

  • Steemit – Blogging Platform (like the crypto version of Reddit) – I upload tracks daily on here
  • Whaleshares – Blogging Platform similar to Steemit – I upload daily but not as active replying to comments
  • Trybe – Blogging Platform (like the crypto version of Medium) – I post maybe 1-2 times per week
  • Choon – Music streaming site using a cryptocurrency called “NOTES”
  • Musicoin – Music streaming site using a cryptocurrency called “MUSIC”

But of course, now I have the website, I’ll be posting more from here anyway so this will be THE place to keep updated and I’ll be linking to these other sites through my blog posts, as well as the more familiar sites listed below:

  • Soundcloud – We all know this one, it’s where it all started 🙂
  • Spotify – Starting to get my releases up on to here again, more to come in 2019!
  • YouTube – I don’t really have music videos as such but I do need to update the ones on there so this will be another thing happening in 2019.
  • Mixcloud – Mainly for my mixes (which I want to do more of) and the radio shows with the Platform Project, speaking of which…

Platform Project #52 – Dec 15th 2018 9pm UK time

Yea buddies! It’s that time of the month again where I’ll be taking the helm of the Liquid Drum & Bass cruise ship that is HMS Platform Project! An absolutely sterling job done on the previous show by DJ Pi with a guest mix from Mystery Blend, which you can catch up with here. I’m going to be spending the next few days tune hunting so if any of you Drum & Bass heads have any requests, send them over to our new Discord chat channel and let me know! As always, a big thanks to everyone who tunes in and to Bassport FM for letting us tear up the airwaves.


Well, as you folks know, I do like to do a bit of travelling and am starting to relive some of the glorious moments from my 2014 and 2015 adventures through my “Travel Diaries” series. This is where I go back through my journal notes of those trips and relive them with you – places such as the National Parks in USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Speaking of Australia, some of you may have caught wind that I’m going to be setting off to the land Down Under in April for a few months initially, hoping to get a few hikes done, see the sites and share my experiences with you. I’m also thinking of heading to New Zealand and see what all the fuss is about over there so will do my best to keep in contact with blogs on the website and keep you in the loop of how things are going, whilst showing some (hopefully) amazing pictures!

And Finally…

That’s all I can think of at the moment in this update so well done if you made it through to the end haha! Lots to look forward to in December as we wind down (or up) to Christmas and 2019. Until the next time, take it easy and catch you soon 🙂


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