Nicky Havey Update – Music, Travel and Platform Project #52 – The Penultimate Drum & Bass Show From Me…?


Well, it’s dawned on me this past week that I only have a couple of shows left before I head off travelling for an indefinite period of time from April 2019! So I thought it’d be a good idea to give you a quick update on a few things and warm your cockles as we enter the final Platform Project show of 2018! Let’s begin!


You may have remembered in my previous blog that I am going to be heading out on (hopefully) a pretty epic voyage to the other side of the world, exploring the land down under in Australia and potentially over to New Zealand as well! This means that I won’t really be able to do anything much other than blog and share my adventures with you on the website. Having said that, this is me we’re talking about here so I could have some more surprises for you yet 😉

The next voyage is around the corner – Ironically, I took this picture as I was flying back from my previous travels in 2015!

Comeback EP

You’re going to hear me harp on about this as the release date is now only 9 days away! I’ll be posting more about the 2nd track of the EP called “Broken” in the next couple of days but if you are keen to listen in, look no further:

And if you wanted the full track streams, well I can offer you those here on a new streaming service called Choon. If you aren’t on the platform yet, register here (it’s free after all).

I’m also starting to leak these out on another new streaming service called Musicoin – click here to go to my profile.   

For those of you on Spotify wanting to get your “Pre-Saves” in for the whole EP, click here and brace yourself for the 20th December 😉

Please let me know which platform you use the most and I’ll keep sharing from there as I know it can be a bit “ooo err” with all these links 🙂

Thanks to GabrielaTravels for providing the artwork for this EP!

Platform Project #52 – December 15th 9pm UK Time

And so we come to the next Platform Project show, which seems to be a lot closer than I had anticipated when writing this! Thanks to DJ Pi for hosting a Liquid Drum & Bass bonanza last month with a special guest mix from Mystery Blend, which you can catch up with here:

Now, I’ll be taking the helm for the final show of 2018 on Bassport FM and as this time of year is usually spent reflecting on things that have happened over the last 12 months (maybe longer), I intend on doing just that as well through the medium of Liquid!

There were quite a few tracks that I listened to during my undergraduate days and I want to invite you back to that time where I had to dig deep to get through some of the darkest moments. What better way to do it than with some beauties from around 2005-2008, a sneak peak at an exclusive new one from me and showcasing other tracks I’ve enjoyed recently from the underground scene.

Hopefully you can join us in the chat room and, as always, if you want your name mentioned live on the air, pop in and say hello! Full information on the little banner below 🙂

Background Image Source


Before I close off today’s blog, I just want to say a big thanks to everyone who has given me words of encouragement recently. It’s not always fun and games here, no matter how hard I try to share positive vibes with the world, and I’m grateful to be a part of some great online communities, which I’ll be mentioning more about over time as well – SO much going on haha!

Until the next time, take it easy 🙂


Image source for the cover artwork 

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