The All Important “Reality Check” + Liquid Drum & Bass Track [Comeback EP]


Finally, there’s at least a smidgen of synchronisation going on with my blog posts and having a weekly chat with @d-vine and @onemedia as part of their Spotlight On The Artist show. In fact, I’m grateful D-Vine insisted I come back on the show to go through the Comeback EP each week, gave me the kick up the “derrière” I needed haha! On last Friday’s show, it was all about the third track “Reality Check” so let’s dive a little deeper in to what this one is all about 🙂

Thanks to @gabrielatravels for the amazing artwork design

Story So Far

To continue with the story of the Comeback EP, let’s first have a quick re-cap of what the first two tracks told us. “Overload” came about from being overloaded at work, the stress from unnecessary places was starting to really weigh us down before we completely felt “Broken“. We simply couldn’t take the drama of that any more and now we find ourselves having…

The “Reality Check”

Yes, that’s right, at some point you realise that enough is enough and you have to do something about it. For me, this realisation came when I decided I wasn’t going to let the negative work environment and source of unnecessary levels of stress bring me down any more. I knew what I had to do – get myself out of there.

Learning from what others who’ve been in these situations before have told me, I had that, “Aha!” moment (we’ve all had one of those before 😉 ) and called it a day at that job. The relief on the final day when I walked out was tangible and I felt like I had that “sunshine smile” again 🙂

I wanted to use a very “twinkly” style synth throughout this track to reflect that “eureka” moment and keep the overall feeling of the track as a positive one. Let me know if you felt that or you have experienced this “Reality Check” yourself in the comments below 🙂

Where Can I Get The EP?

Well, you don’t have to look very far at all as this is available on my website shop, where you can get the highest quality 24bit wav files as well as the artwork from the wonderful Gabriela Travels!

I’m slowly adding various different payment methods such the traditional ones (PayPal) or cryptocurrencies (Steem). Click here to go to the shop and thanks to those who have already downloaded it – you’re awesome 🙂

Coming Up Next…

Keep a look out for a blog about the 4th track of the EP when we take a deeper look at the learning experiences from the ordeal so far. Maybe this Reality Check made us realise we have “Much To Learn” 😉 There’ll also be a potential travel blog coming up (remember those haha 😀 ) as I attempt to make my way through my diaries, life happens folks!

Until the next time, take it easy and keep the positive vibes coming!


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