Completing the “Comeback” (Liquid Drum & Bass)


Ah, we finally made it to the end of the Comeback EP and in today’s blog, I’ll be wrapping it up with the title track of the EP. What a journey it’s been and I hope you’ve enjoyed the stories shared over the course of the last 6 blogs. Let’s get this final show on the road hey 🙂

Thanks to @gabrielatravels for the artwork!

The Story

To complete our Comeback story, let’s remind ourselves one last time about what happened to get us to this point. “Overload” came about from being overloaded at work, the stress coming from unnecessary places was starting to really weigh us down before we completely felt “Broken“. We simply couldn’t take the drama of that any more and so we needed to have the all important “Reality Check“, where we had that eureka moment. It is in this moment that we realise we have “Much To Learn“, which, although may feel like an overwhelming and daunting task at first, we know that we simply “Can’t Give In” and we need to keep pushing on until we make our…


We made it folks! We bloody made it! And what a journey it has been through thick and thin but here we are, standing at the top of the mountain, feeling awesome about things and shaking off those demons that brought us down in the first place!

This final track is a real celebration of what we’ve accomplished and I wanted to bring that feeling of accomplishment, happiness and drive through in “Comeback”.

Thanks to @gabrielatravels for the artwork!


Life was never meant to be easy but that just adds to its tapestry. It makes it all the more worthwhile when you overcome those challenges, whether they are physical or non-physical, no matter how big or small. With “Comeback”, I wanted to get that feeling across in the track with a high energy vibe right from the get go – straight in, not wasting any time!

As the song progressed, the main melody along with the trance feel and “gritty but soft” bassline is meant to depict a feeling of accomplishment but with a renewed sense of grit and determination. We know we can bounce back and learn from the ordeal (whatever that may be in your case) and use it to drive ourselves forward in the future.

So without any further ado, here is the link to the full Comeback EP on Spotify:

Or if you’re in to your crypto music streaming sites, here it is on Choon:

Sharing The Stories

Now that the Comeback EP has been rounded off, I’ll be putting these blogs in to a pdf and including them as part of the package of the Comeback EP, exclusive to those who get it on the website. Thanks to everyone who has shown their support already. It’s time for the final shout outs!


Before I say cheerio in this whole Comeback blog series, I just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone who has shown their support on this release. Especially @d-vine and @onemedia for having me on their @spotlight.artist show to talk about the whole EP and of course to the @emalliance for their unwavering support and positive vibes. Last but not least, the @steemitbloggers (aka Power House Creatives) for being an inspiration for me to write these blogs as best as I can – stay awesome!

Coming Up Next

Well now we have rounded off the Comeback EP, there’s a few new EPs on the horizon, Ghost Times and Foundations so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that! Also there are so many great things going on with the Electronic Music Alliance – your one stop shop for all things electronic music! We have a new website all set up where all the newsletters, playlists and DJ Mixes will be posted. Be sure to check it out here!

Until then, take it easy my friends!


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