Heavy Weight Tracks & Power House Creatives – Can You Help Us Top Both Charts?


If you have been following me on Twitter or Facebook in the last couple of days, you may have seen something that can only be described as extraordinary. Not just for my music but also from the blogging community that I’m in called Power House Creatives (PHC).

This blog is two-fold really. The first part is to celebrate being at the top of one chart and the other is to ask for YOUR help to get us to the top of another chart! More on the PHC later but first, let’s get stuck in to the unreal developments with the latest track!

Topping The Charts


For those of you who don’t know, Choon is a music platform that provides a new interactive experience for streaming music. Well, I can tell you, it certainly has been an experience in these last couple of days as something magical has happened for wav-Dr, Bonnie Legion and myself!

Heavy Weight

When I first heard the original version of Heavy Weight by wav-Dr on a music promotion platform called Atom Collector Records, the rolling beat and big bassline sounds had me rocking and bopping in my chair. The DnB gene then kicked in and I started having visions of converting this in to a 174BPM beast. Am I obsessed by the Liquid Drum & Bass genre? Yes, yes I am haha πŸ˜€

Listen to the remix here

Making Contact

I reached out to Dave, not knowing what he would think of the idea but to my amazement, he replied almost instantly to my Tweet and said “Yes absolutely! Bonnie Legion has laid down some vocals on it as well, I’ll ask if she is down for it”.

Less than an hour later, the stems were already in my inbox and suddenly, the sloth within was banished (as that tends to drag me back sometimes) and I got to work straight away on the remix – I was feeling pumped!

How It Ended Up Like It Did

Well, I definitely knew I wanted to keep the throbbing bassline sounds similar to the original and once I added the DnB beat, it fit right in! Then I thought I’d do a few tweaks to the melodies and as I was browsing sounds on my music software, up popped a synth that reminded me of one of my favourite remixes I ever heard – “DJ Luck & MC Neat – A Little Bit of Luck (Feat. Cathy Battistessa)” so I had to throwback to the good old days. I couldn’t leave my favourite piano out either πŸ˜‰

Number 1!

Once the Audio Animals had done their magic and brought the sounds up to their maximum potential, I shared the results with Dave and Bonnie and I couldn’t hold on any more once the artwork was done! I just blurted it out and uploaded it to Choon haha! It started the first day at no.4 but yesterday and today it’s jumped and held it’s position at no.1!

Yippee! We reached number 1!

We can’t believe this has happened and we are all on cloud 9 – thank you to EVERYONE who has listened in and shown your support on there! Make sure you join in the fun and games and get yourselves an account by clicking here (you’ll skip the queues and get a little bonus for your troubles πŸ˜‰ )

Here’s that all important link to hear it – feel free to share, leave a comment, follow and listen in!

Now, if you want to be even more awesome and help out another kind of Heavy Weight reach the top of a different chart… well, read on as there’s something else you can support…

Can You Help Us At The Power House Creatives?

Power House Creatives

If you have been following my blogs, you may well have noticed the little animation that appears at the end of it – it used to say “Steemit Bloggers” but now it says “Power House Creatives”.

In an attempt to make my blogs at least a little bit better on the quality front, I decided to join a platform called Steemit and entered in to the PHC community of world class, heavy weight writers and bloggers. When I first stumbled in to their house, I felt like a total novice after reading some of the member’s works.

However, the leader, Jaynie (with help from Zord189), have created an awesome international community of supportive writers and they welcomed me in despite my many botched attempts at writing. Not only that but they have also been the source of inspiration for many things outside of writing that I’ve been writing about recently (EMA for one).

Their tireless work to share quality content and spread the word about this awesome community is one of the most motivating experiences I have had the pleasure of witnessing. Why am I telling you this? Well, we need some help from you!

How Can I Help?

There is a poll happening at this very moment which, if Power House Creatives win, would drastically increase sponsorship to them and make a huge difference in bringing the best content creators the world has to offer to one awe inspiring community on the Steem platform. Here’s how you can vote and help make a difference:

1. Click this link.
2. Login to steemconnect
3. Select ‘steemitbloggers’

As you can see, it’s a close contest so every vote really does count!

So what are you waiting for? The poll closes in 12 hours from the time of writing this post so you better hurry and make the difference! Here’s a video made by the awesome Zord189 to give you some idea as to what the community is all about:

Coming Up

Well, once the release of the Heavy Weight remix is confirmed across all major platforms, I’ll be of course mentioning that again! I’ll also have the results of the all important voting poll and fingers crossed for the good news!

There will be a re-cap of the 4th track of my Comeback EP as yesterday, following an awesome interview again on the Spotlight on the Artist show with @d-vine, @onemedia and @darrenclaxton – thanks for having me on folks!

But until then, take it easy… oh… and VOTE!! πŸ˜‰


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