[Liquid Drum & Bass Mix] My Final Platform Project Show – Or Is It?


If you’ve been following my ramblings over the past couple of months, you may have heard me talk about this weekend being my final show on the Platform Project before I go travelling at the beginning of April. Last night, that show came and went in the blink of an eye and before I knew it, the hour was up and I was trying to hold it together at the end!

Did It Record?

This is always my first source of panic once a show has finished haha! When I got a message from Clair (who was unable to tune in at the time) asking, “Is there a recording of it?” I frantically went searching for the file, was it in the folder it should be? Double-click, open folder… And breathe a sigh of relief – there it is! It can be safely uploaded to Mixcloud πŸ™‚

The Final Show

I wanted to bring my best for this one, filling it with all sorts of sounds from my favourite genre – Liquid Drum & Bass. But I needed tracks! This is where my friends in the Electronic Music Alliance came up with the goods as tunes were flying in left, right and centre from DaveyHub, @d-vine, Bronski, @wav-dr and @soundlegion!

As always, I try to include some of the classic liquid tracks that helped me get through my Uni days (there were a lot of those days there I can tell you)! I loved mixing in these ones from the likes of Logistics, Nu:Tone and Cyantific.

Then, of course, I needed to drop in a couple of exclusives from myself that will be released later in the year to whet the appetite for you – well, you didn’t think I was going to go away quietly now did you?! πŸ˜‰

So now that I’ve harped on long enough about what’s in the show, I’m going to put you out of your misery and drop the Mixcloud link here for you now – if you are reading this on a blog outside my website, the embed link may not work:

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Final Shoutouts

The Platform Project wouldn’t be anywhere near as special if we didn’t have you wonderful people listening in, taking part in the live show chatroom and sharing our mixes around. So thanks to you and to those who joined in the fun last night.

Of course, a huge thanks to DJ Pi for inviting me to be a part of it all for the last 2 years and to Bassport FM for allowing the show to be broadcast on their station.

Last Show Though?

After the buzz from the end of the show, I don’t think I can safely say that THAT will be my last show EVER. There really is nothing like a live, interactive experience and we will have to see about things later in the year. For now though, it’s “see you when I see you” πŸ™‚

Coming Up Next…

As if you haven’t heard enough about the Comeback EP, I’ll be rounding it off with another “final” blog about the title track. Once that’s happened, well, there’s no shortage of Havey tracks folks, don’t you worry! With the Ghost Times EP freshly released and Foundations EP coming up, music is the order of the day! Will I ever get back round to writing my travel diaries though?? Who knows πŸ˜€

Until then, take it easy and enjoy the show!



00:00 – 04:23
DaveyHub – Solar Flare [Unreleased]

04:23 – 07:27
D-Vine – Funky Jazz Monkey [2019]

07:27 – 09:36
Logistics – Kaleidoscope (Spacejam EP) [Hospital Records – 2004]

09:36 – 14:22
Nicky Havey – Dreamer [Unreleased]

14:22 – 16:31
D-Kay – Twin Peakz [Brigand Music – 2008]

16:31 – 22:37
Shapeshifter – Twin Galaxies (The Upbeats remix) (Sick Music 2) [Hospital Records – 2010]

22:37 – 27:18
Cyantific – Quiet Star [Hospital Records – 2006]

27:18 – 30:32
Electrosoul System – In The Morning [Allsorts – 2009]

30:32 – 34:08
The Prodigy – Timebomb (Bronski remix) [Sent In]

34:08 – 37:45
Nicky Havey – Don’t Sleep [Unreleased]

37:45 – 41:22
Nu:Tone – Ebb and Flow [Hospital Records – 2005]

41:22 – 44:14
DJ Marky & XRS – Butterfly [Innerground – 2005]

44:14 – 48:50
Break and Hydro – Immaculate [Quarantine – 2005]

48:50 – 53:21
RoyGreen, Protone, Natural Flavor – The Storm (feat Dorian) (Jazzypants EP) [Innerground – 2014]

53:21 – End
WavDr & Bonnie – Heavy Weight (Nicky Havey remix) [2019]

2 thoughts on “[Liquid Drum & Bass Mix] My Final Platform Project Show – Or Is It?”

  1. Hi Nicky;
    Listening to your Project Platform Show now thru FB and it’s coming in great.
    The tracks are great too!

    1. Hey Wordy! Thank you for listening in and glad I’ve converted you to the dark… I mean LIGHT side πŸ™‚ I hope everything is well with you, Cheesy and the gang!

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