Platform Project #54 – My Final Liquid Drum & Bass Show!

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It’s Platform Project season again and there’s something special about this one as it dawned on me that it will be my last one 🙁 This is because someone decided they were going to jet set off to the other side of the world and be a travelling hobo for 3 months… Oh yeah it was me haha! But before I fly to the land Down Under, there’s still the matter of giving you Drum & Bass heads a Platform Project party this month and THAT is what I want to share with you in today’s post!

Sharing The Love

How appropriate then that I’m writing this post on Valentine’s Day! It’s been a pretty epic 2 year journey on the Platform Project since I was invited by DJ Pi to try and fill the void that his previous partner, Jimmy Dark, left behind. Moving over to live shows, video streams, buzzing chat rooms and spreading the positive vibes through my obsession with Liquid DnB, has all contributed to an awesome journey. So thank you Pi for letting me be a part of it and of course to the team at Bassport FM for having us on their station!

What would the show be without our awesome followers and friends on our Mixcloud page too? Thanks to all of you for the continued support, shares and comments you’ve given on the episodes we’ve uploaded on there! Unreal to think we’re over 1,000 followers now 🙂

The Final Show

And this is what it all comes down to – the final Liquid Drum & Bass session this Saturday 16th Feb at 21:00 UK time. If you are able to, please join in the merriment, we have a Facebook event AND our chatroom of course! Hope to see you in there my friends 🙂

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Here’s a little bit of hype to get you in the mood 😉

Platform Project 54 sees Nicky Havey return to the helm for his final show before jet setting off to Australia and New Zealand. But before he heads out, there’s time for one more Liquid Drum & Bass session on BassPort FM – UK and there’s all sorts going on!

He’ll be featuring fresh tracks from members of the Electronic Music Alliance he co-founded with DaveyHub and Bufinjer, mixed in with some classics and there’ll also be brand spanking new ones from the man himself, a chart topping track no less!

Platform Project Facebook Event Page

Coming Up Next…

Well, duh! The show of course haha! Hopefully you can join the merriment in one way or another. But before that, there’s another radio appearance from me as I’ll be on @spotlight.artist‘s show tomorrow (Friday 15th Feb from 18:00-20:00) talking about the final track of the Comeback EP! It’s all happening – tune in here if you can! Lots of “finals” going around aren’t there?! Haha 😀

Catch you tomorrow or Saturday folks


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