Enter The Darkness – Ghost Times EP (Drum & Bass)

“I Think This Will Be The Darkest Drum & Bass I’ll Ever Produce”

An over exaggeration? Hmm, I wouldn’t be so sure, I was in a pretty dark place in my life when I created these two tracks that make up the “Ghost Times EP”. After having them both played out in an interview on Spotlight on the Artist yesterday, it was a sharp reminder as to what these two tracks represent for me – a personal climb out of mild depression caused by events that happened in that pesky PhD. If you suffer from depression or mental health problems,

Depression is no joke and if you suffer from it, do not feel ashamed. Please take a courageous step, reach out for support, look online (Mind Charity) for your nearest mental health clinic and talk to someone.

Front cover artwork from Gabriela

Long Time Coming…

This two track EP consists of “Dark Times” and “Ghost of Snare”. At the time I first started making them, it felt cathartic as I first uploaded the works in progress in to the public domain back in 2012. However, a while later, I had moved on from that initial phase and things were starting to improve so, naturally, the tracks were banished to the dungeons of “unfinished projects”.


I’m not really sure why I decided to revive them (or get them finished off with final polishing assistance from the Audio Animals) but it could be down to the final closure I needed to move on from the dark days of the PhD. Now that the EP is released and distributed to the stores with awesome artwork from @gabrielatravels, I feel that this closes off the chapter and I can fully move on!

As I was on the Spotlight on the Artist show yesterday, I likened the EP to the elevator scene from the movie “Inception“, full of memories that I didn’t want to go back to, particularly the “B” level. If you haven’t seen the film, here’s a link to the clip I am referring to.

Back cover art of the Ghost Times EP from Gabriela

“Fitting Gifs”

I have to say though the gifs in the @mspwaves chat room as the EP was playing were on point! If I was to make a proper music video for those two tracks I’d have just recorded the whole thing as the messages were coming in. So many scary ones (please don’t post them in the comments by the way haha)!

Comeback EP

These are by far my two darkest Drum & Bass tracks I’ve made and I don’t know if I will ever go back to a time to make such dark sounds again. However, this is life and bad things can unexpectedly happen so you never know 🙂 Here’s my “Ghost Times” story:

“Literally… could feel as though something was coming over me as I couldn’t see a way through to the end. A monster within took hold and it almost depicts a chase scene as I am running away from it all.”

The “Ghost Times EP” combines Dark Times & Ghost of Snare – two of the darkest tracks I made as I was going through the absolute worst time in my PhD between 2008-2014.

I’ve included an embed link to stream the EP below on “Choon” but if that doesn’t work, try the Spotify player below that.

However, if you’d like to actually have your own copy of the Ghost Times EP, then it is available here on my website with full front and back cover art from the talented Gabriela Travels and the highest audio quality (not that compressed mp3 nonsense 😉 )! Thanks to everyone who has shown their support on this and the truly warming comments as the story revealed itself, seems you guys like the dark side 🙂

Coming Up Next…

Phew, now we have this one out of our system, it’s going to be a case of slowly creeping our way through the “Foundations” EP as we return to some normality with the more uplifting Liquid Drum & Bass sounds. Hopefully I can squeeze that all in before I go travelling where the exit date is looming on the 10th April now! Then from there, I’ll be posting about my travels on the great adventure, assuming I don’t get lost in the outback or up mountains in NZ!

Until the next one, take it easy!


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