Hey, “I Got Something To Say” – Foundations EP [Liquid Drum & Bass]


Indeed, I do have something to say despite the colossal post I wrote on a blogging platform called “Steem”. Jeez, that took 8 hours to write and gave me some sort of “writing hangover” but it seemed that the community resonated with it and it wasn’t all in vain!

Now I’m recharged (for the most part) and ready to serve up a Liquid Drum & Bass dish from my upcoming “Foundations EP”. Get your knives and forks ready… oh and a bib, I know some of you are messy eaters 😉

Single artwork for “I Got Something To Say”
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The Story So Far

I wouldn’t say there is too much flow to this particular EP story. Rather the 6 tracks of Foundations are like individual “rock pools” of music, loosely connected together on a small part of the beach that represents my PhD life. The first rock pool held secrets to a “Magic: The Gathering” world as we found ourselves being influenced by this fantasy card game with “Broken Magic“.

As we follow the water trail to the 2nd rock pool, we discover a new species of “Havey Crustacean”, which appears to be whizzing around at a frenetic pace. When we get closer to him, we can hear his thoughts…

Front cover of Foundations EP – Made by Gabriela

“I Got Something To Say”

OK, somehow turned this EP in to a rock pool analogy, why not haha! Let’s dive in to this crustacean’s life and see what’s going on then. So the reason behind that feeling of rushing around was down to the situation I found myself in as the final leg of my PhD felt like it was moving at a million miles per hour.

At the time, I just wanted to say “ahhhhh” but I was too swept up in the chaos to even have time to reflect. I had to move back up to Birmingham and I still had 2 years worth of work to do… in 9 months… and then write it all up… yeah OK then 🙂 No time to say anything, I just had to get my head down and do it!

So I wanted this track to reflect that seemingly fast pace at the time – although to be honest, it seems to be accelerating at a faster rate even more now! The fact this is one of my shorter tracks is no accident either – I know, under 4 minutes… what?! This is unheard of! The shorter track length is meant to reflect that such episodes are over before you know it so it’s best not to get caught up too much in the emotion sometimes. We are not permanent in this world after all, life is short and all that 🙂

Back cover of Foundations EP – Made by @gabrielatravels

Foundations EP

“I Got Something To Say” is the second of six tracks from the Foundations EP and below is an embedded player for you if you wanted to garner a listen through the whole EP. If you can’t see the player, click here to listen in.

As always, thanks to the Audio Animals for their mastering expertise on this one and it’s good to officially release the tracks from the Foundations EP, they’ve been a long time coming! And it wouldn’t be complete without the awesome artwork skills of @gabrielatravels – thank you!

Where Can I Get The EP?

Take your pick of course but the website is probably the best bet – click here to be taken to the store. If you’re more of an iTunes or Amazon person, I have you covered there too although you may have to hold on to your hats for official release day on April 12th 2019 – here’s the “pre-save” link for you 🙂

Thanks to everyone who’s streamed, commented, added to playlists and shared the love on all the music I make – stay awesome!

Coming Up Next…

Hmm, well, seems I’ll have a bit of free time over the next few weeks before I go away so definitely expect the next instalment of the Foundations EP – 3 Peaks – but I will do my best to get another “Making Of” video for Ghost of Snare first! Music for the next month, then it’s travel blogs! How’s that for some fried gold?

Until then, take it easy!


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