It Seems We Have Some “Broken Magic” – Foundations EP [Liquid Drumstep]

Back To The Beginning

Here we go then! A brand new EP on it’s way from me consisting of tracks that I never fully released before. Rather I just uploaded them to various music outlets to see what people would think!

But before I jet set around the world next month, I am on a mission to get the story of this 6 track EP done and dusted before I go and then that will pave the way for more travel posts 🙂

One never really knows where inspiration might strike and the story behind “Broken Magic” may surprise you!

Single artwork for Broken Magic – thanks to e-un

Play Your Cards Right

During my University days, I lived in many different “colourful” accommodations in Birmingham, UK. One of the flats I lived in was with a fellow PhD graduate who had a strong fascination with a card game called Magic: The Gathering. For those who don’t know, this is a card game that some have dubbed a “mixture between Poker, Chess and Fantasy”. Sounds intriguing!

For the 2 years I lived in that maisonette, my flatmate was playing this game on a daily basis on his Xbox and, as it was all open plan, there was no escape from it as I needed to walk through the living room to get to the kitchen, past the “gaming throne” as it was affectionately called.

After sitting down in the first few instances, annoying him to death with questions on, “What does that do?”, I felt I was ready to take him on. So I downloaded the game on to my laptop and wanted to play him at it once he taught me the rules. Of course, the competitor in me also wanted to beat him haha! I did win a couple of times but he’s a seasoned veteran so there was no way I’d be able to compete! Dr Squire, I salute!

Front cover of Foundations EP – Made by Gabriela

Curiosity Leads to Drumstep

As with these type of computer games, there’s always some background music going on and I’ve got a thing for hearing a melody and thinking IMMEDIATELY, “I have to remix or make a tune from it!” It turns out that Magic: The Gathering of all places was the inspiration I needed to make my first and only Drumstep track to date!

I seem to remember the background tune in question had a trippy kinda melody to it. I cracked open the music software and it didn’t feel natural to do a Drum & Bass version so I went for a “Drumstep” track (effectively half the speed of my usual Drum & Bass sounds at 87BPM). The decision to call it “Broken Magic” was down to the fact that the bell melody I made was so far away from the original background track, you might as well call it “broken” haha 😀

Back cover of Foundations EP – Made by Gabriela

Foundations EP

Broken Magic is the first of six tracks of the Foundations EP and below is a embedded link for you if you wanted to garner a listen through the whole EP. If you can’t see the player, click here to listen in.

Thanks a lot to @gabrielatravels for the artwork as always! She has done a phenomenal job with it and when I come back from travelling, there’s a lot more projects to come 🙂

Where Can I Get The EP?

Take your pick of course but the website is probably the best bet – click here to be taken to the store. If you’re more of an iTunes or Amazon person, I have you covered there too although you may have to hold on to your hats for official release day on April 12th 2019 – here’s the “pre-save” link for you 🙂

Thanks to everyone who’s streamed, commented, added to playlists and shared the love on all the music I make – stay awesome!

Coming Up Next…

Options, options… but not much time left haha! Definitely expect the next instalment of the Foundations EP – I Got Something To Say – but there may be another “Making Of” video for Ghost of Snare to come first! Music for the next month, then it’s travel blogs! Boom!

Until then, take it easy!


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