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I promise this next blog isn’t going to be quite as colossal as the last two, where the UK 3 Peaks Guide and PhD Survivor’s Guide reached 5,000+ and 6,000+ words respectively! Firstly, I’m running out of time before I go away on my travels and secondly, I’m running out of time before the actual release of the Foundations EP (12th April) haha!

So today, I want to tell you a little bit about the 5th track of the EP called Hasten to Forget, which I made primarily for two reasons – one was about thoughts I’ve had on the impact of social media and this digital world we live in and the other was when I came back from an initial spell of travelling I did in 2014, some of which involved a tranquil place I visited in the Rocky Mountain National Park in USA – let’s start off with that 🙂

Rocky Mountain National Park

The Havey Traveller

I wasn’t intending to “break the sequence” of my “Havey’s Travel Diaries” blog series but why not throw the rule book out the window this time round?! When I did my first travel tour in the Rocky Mountains (USA) back in June 2014, I was nervous to begin with, of course I was. But then you get to meet the people in your group, realise that you’re all there to have a good time, see the sights and have an enjoyable experience.

I’ll continue with recapping my travel diaries once I get back from Australia and NZ but I’ve taken a small excerpt out of my journals from when we did a little hike around some of the lakes in the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Bear Lake Trailhead

To visit some of the awesome lakes in this part of the Rocky Mountain NP, you can either drive there yourself (look for the turnoff at Highway 36) or you can get the free park shuttle from the car park (which is what we did) – further information can be found here.

The Bear Lake trail itself is less than a mile total distance and is not too tough a walk, although elevation is approximately 9,500ft (nearly 2,900m) so you may have a shortage of breath from altitude alone. My advice – take it easy, enjoy the scenery and hopefully you’ll get some quiet moments if you go in peak season as it is a popular place to visit. Here are some of the scenes you will see as you make your way around.

This is where the shuttle drops you off at Bear Lake Trailhead
You’ll see this board a few feet behind the shuttle stop with a some stats about the walk
Walking along the North Side of Bear Lake
Panoramic view from the West Side of Bear Lake

Other Lakes To Explore

To the left of the shuttle stop is another 4 mile round trail that one can embark on, which will lead you to an additional 3 lakes – Nymph Lake, Dream Lake and Emerald Lake, conveniently pointed out by the sign below. I’d recommend this trail as you get a lot of lovely scenery in a short distance.

If you wanted a short walk with 3 beautiful lakes, head left 🙂

Nymph Lake

The first lake you see on this paved part of the trail is also the smallest called Nymph Lake, characterised by the voluminous amounts of lily pads dotting the surface. Here’s a panoramic as you first approach the lake.

Panoramic as you approach Nymph Lake
Another look back at ground level of Nymph Lake before the big ascent

The trail then takes you on a bit of an uphill scramble but that’s not to say you won’t be rewarded when you get to the top of this little section. If you’re lucky and the weather is clear, you’ll be able to see Longs Peak in the distance with some spectacular panoramic offerings.

Panoramic view above Nymph Lake with Longs Peak in view

Dream Lake

The trail splits a little further up as you make your way to Dream Lake. The path off to the left will lead you to Lake Haiyaha after another mile or so but we’ll continue on the trail to the right as we meet Tyndall Creek, a stream leading us to Dream Lake. We were pretty lucky to see some of the majestic wildlife up close and personal.

“Hey, what’s up Nicky!”

A short walk further along the trial from the top of the creek and you’ll reach Dream Lake, characterised by the incredible features of Hallett Peak and Flattop Mountain at the far end of it. I guess it’s called Dream Lake because it really is a dream!

The view down Dream Lake really is a dream!

Emerald Lake

The final lake on this trail is the “jewel” in this particular Rocky Mountain crown – that’s never been said before, honest 😉 You’ll continue around Dream Lake and progress further up Tyndall Creek and deeper in to Tyndall Gorge.

Be careful, don’t fall down the gorge!
The gatekeeper of Emerald Lake accepts payments in seeds 🙂

Once you’ve paid the gatekeeper, he’ll then grant you access to Emerald Lake. The reflection of the clear water makes the lakes surface almost indistinguishable from the landscape with the surrounding structures of Hallet Peak and the needles of Flattop Mountain towering above you. So much so, I couldn’t actually fit them in my panoramic!

Emerald Lake – The jewel in the crown of the Rocky Mountain NP

Hasten To Forget

So as you can see, these lakes are very tranquil and I took my time to enjoy the views, absorb all I could and forget about all my troubles of the world very quickly. This is where the inspiration for my track Hasten to Forget came from and I wanted to capture those crystal clear waters with the main synth I used for the track. It’s occurred to me that I kept referring to Bear Lake in Yellowstone all this time which was incorrect as memory hasn’t served me well there! Thank goodness for journal notes!

The single artwork for Hasten to Forget – look familiar?

The gentle nature of the track takes me back to this awesome hike and a reminder that it’s important to switch ourselves off sometimes from the ever more “connected yet disconnected” digital world we live in. A world where everything moves at a million miles an hour, people’s patience and indeed, memory of things that matter seems to have reduced and is reducing at an exponential rate.

So the other reason this track came in to existence is due to the deeper thought that made me realise this and how laziness or instant gratification is a big part of our lives now. I am guilty of this too but I am always trying to do my bit to educate and inspire as there are great parts to being on the internet and being connected. I certainly wouldn’t have met a lot of my friends now if it wasn’t for this global network. As with everything though, the key word is balance. Find it.

Hasten to Forget is the 5th track of the Foundations EP. Click here to listen to the track if you can’t see the player below.

Foundations EP

Story So Far

Somehow, I began with a rock pool analogy for the first 4 tracks of the Foundations EP so we may as well continue with it until the end now haha!

Each of these 6 tracks are like individual “rock pools” of music, loosely connected together on a small part of the beach that represents my PhD life. The first rock pool held secrets to a “Magic: The Gathering” world as we found ourselves being influenced by this fantasy card game with “Broken Magic“.

As we follow the trail to the 2nd rock pool, we discover a new species of “Havey Crustacean”, which appears to be whizzing around at a frenetic pace. When we get closer to him, we can hear his thoughts to himself, “I Got Something to Say“. But as things settle down, this crustacean has heard from other creatures in this rock pool about the UK “3 Peaks” Challenge which was not for the fainthearted so he set his sights on that.

Front cover art for the Foundations EP – Thanks to Gabriela for her help!

Clambering out of this rock pool and feeling like the worst of it was over, he found himself stuck in the middle of a vicious storm causing huge waves that swept him in to the deep blue sea. This was his biggest challenge yet with sharks and other predators out to get him. Despite the odds stacked against his favour, he found an escape route and knew there was a long journey ahead but the ultimate reward was there, ready to greet him at the “End Of The Tunnel“. After reaching this milestone, it was time for the crustacean to unwind and Hasten to Forget all of his troubles by visiting landscapes he’d never seen before.

Back cover art for the Foundations EP – Thanks to Gabriela for her help!

If you’re on my website, you can listen to the EP below, otherwise, click here to play it on a new music streaming platform called Choon. If you don’t have a Choon account, you can set one up here.

Of course a big thanks to the Audio Animals for their mastering expertise on this one. It’s great to officially release the tracks from the Foundations EP, they’ve been a long time coming! And it wouldn’t be complete without the awesome artwork skills of @gabrielatravels and Laura – thank you!

Where Can I Get The EP?

Take your pick of course but the website is probably the best bet – click here to be taken to the store. If you’re more of an iTunes, Spotify or Amazon person, I have you covered there too although you may have to hold on to your hats for official release day on April 12th 2019 – here’s the “pre-save” link for you.

Thanks to everyone who’s streamed, commented, added to playlists and shared the love on all the music I make – stay awesome!

Coming Up Next…

The 6th and final part of the Foundations EP! Finally, the rambling will be drawing to an ending to be working my way through the rest of the Foundations EP in the next couple of weeks before I go away so keep a lookout for Hasten To Forget! Just one more big music blog next week and then it’s travel blogs after that! How’s that for a plan?!

Until then, take it easy!


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