Rounding Up The Foundations EP [Liquid Drum & Bass]


Well, the previous blog felt like it was a part-time effort given there have been some serious word counts being brandished about the place with the Foundations EP. Most notably, the two that brought back memories of the UK 3 Peaks Challenge and the ordeal of the PhD. Having said that, I must remind myself that it IS possible to write a blog without it taking a week to prepare haha!

Anyway, here we are on our final dance in the Foundations EP as I round it all up with the 6th track – “I’ll Always Be Around”. The EP will be released in full on the 12th April, which is when I touch down in Australia – boom 🙂 So let’s find out how this one came about shall we?

Travel Bugs

If you’ve been following this blog series, you may have noticed me mentioning me catching the travel bug back in June 2014 when I decided to go on a 3 week trip through the Rocky Mountains in the USA. It really was an unreal experience in more ways than one as I met other keen travel enthusiasts who had also been bitten by the same bug.

When I came back from the “Rocky Mountain High” tour, I was still buzzing and, along with Hasten to Forget, I wanted to make another track but this time, instead of it being about the places I visited, it was about a girl I met. We got on pretty well on the trip but once it finished we both came to the realisation that it wouldn’t work (in a roundabout way). I don’t think a “travel fling” has ever worked out for anyone has it?! Lesson learnt, stay single – always haha!

I’ll Always Be Around

Nonetheless, I wanted to create something to remind me of the buzz created from the trip on the whole and this is the result! I met friends that I have stayed in contact with and the clue to the message behind this track is in the title 😉 Really, it was to say that I’ll always be around for them if they needed some advice on anything or just to reminisce on the epic journey we shared.

As is the case in life, people generally move on but with the advent of social media, it’s possible to just create a Facebook group and stay in contact, share pictures and meet ups, which is what we did when the South Korean on the trip, Sejin, said he’d be in London and some of us went down to meet him. It was a great reunion and Koreans are really cool people – I need to meet more of them!

Single Artwork for I’ll Always Be Around [Source]

Inspirations For The Track

1,000 nonredeemable Havey Points are yours if you guessed the main melody of the track was inspired by “Gimme More Time” by Gee Moore! It’s a beautiful trance track that I remember hearing on the Ministry of Sound Ibiza Classics from 2000. So if you think the melody sounds familiar then you’d be right 😉

I always got emotional when listening to the original as there was just something so powerful about the melody during the build up and I wanted to bring those sounds in to “I’ll Always Be Around”. You can listen to the track from the player below but if you can’t see it, click here.

Foundations EP

Story So Far

Well, I’ve been using this “fantasy rock pool analogy” to describe the whole EP as I have shared some of the many stories from my PhD life so why not bring it all to a conclusion here and now 🙂

Each of these 6 tracks are like individual “rock pools” of my music, loosely connected together on a small part of the beach that represents my PhD life. The first rock pool held secrets to a “Magic: The Gathering” world as we found ourselves being influenced by this fantasy card game with “Broken Magic“.

As we follow the trail to the 2nd rock pool, we discover a new species of “Havey Crustacean”, which appears to be whizzing around at a frenetic pace. When we get closer to him, we can hear his thoughts to himself, “I Got Something to Say“. But as things settle down, this crustacean has heard from other creatures in this rock pool about the UK “3 Peaks” Challenge which was not for the fainthearted so he set his sights on that.

Front cover art for the Foundations EP – Thanks to Gabriela for her help!

Clambering out of this rock pool and feeling like the worst of it was over, he found himself stuck in the middle of a vicious storm causing huge waves that swept him in to the deep blue sea. Uh-oh, he needed to get out of this situation and he was facing his biggest challenge yet with sharks and other predators out to get him. Despite the odds stacked against his favour, he found an escape route and knew there was a long journey ahead but the ultimate reward was there, ready to greet him at the “End Of The Tunnel“.

Back cover art for the Foundations EP – Thanks to Gabriela for her help!

After reaching this milestone, it was time for the crustacean to unwind and Hasten to Forget all of his troubles by visiting landscapes he’d never seen before. Not only seeing new places but meeting new people and friends for life on this grand adventure he’d been on, saying his farewells with a message to his friends that “I’ll Always Be Around” to help them if they ever needed to reach out before returning home and reflecting on what’s been an incredible journey.

If you’re on my website, you can listen to the EP below, otherwise, click here to play it on a new music streaming platform called Choon. If you don’t have a Choon account, you can set one up here for a sign-on bonus.

Of course a big thanks to the Audio Animals for their mastering expertise on this one. It’s great to officially release the tracks from the Foundations EP, they’ve been a long time coming! And it wouldn’t be complete without the awesome artwork skills of @gabrielatravels – thank you!

Where Can I Get The EP?

Take your pick of course but the website is probably the best bet – click here to be taken to the store. If you’re more of an iTunes, Spotify or Amazon person, I have you covered there too although you may have to hold on to your hats for official release day on April 12th 2019 – here’s the “pre-save” link for you.

Thanks to everyone who’s streamed, commented, added to playlists and shared the love on all the music I make – stay awesome!

Coming Up Next…

Finally, we’ve made it to the end of the Foundations EP blog series and what a journey it’s been. That’s life I guess, we never really know where it will take us but we can always share the adventures along the way and I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey!

From one load of rambling to another. It’s going to be showtime on the travel blogging front as I’ll be off and away to Australia & NZ on the 10th April! The time has come! But there may be surprise for you before I go – a leaving gift if you will. Stay tuned!

Until then, take it easy!


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