Havey’s September 2019 Update – Music, Travel & Where I Post Now (Steem)

Grab A Coffee…

You may just need it! There’s quite a bit to get stuck in to here as it’s been nearly a month since I’ve written a blog from my website so I thought I’d do a big ol’ update to let you know exactly what’s going on.

No dramas, I’ve still been pretty active elsewhere, mostly on a new social media blogging platform called “Steem” which you’ll be hearing more about in this update. So, are you ready? Alrighty then!

Where Have The Blogs Gone?

You may have seen me mention about a particularly awesome event coming up with my brother as he’s getting married later in the year and I’m going to be joint best man with a family friend. We have just come back from an absolutely “barn storming” stag do in Berlin last weekend, of which there are many ridiculous stories as one would expect with 17 very thirsty 30 something year olds!

Naturally, that’s been the focus of my life for the last month or so as we’ve been organising the stag and the support for my brother’s wedding will continue up until the end of November so I may be scarce again for the next 2 months. However, rest assured, I’m also going to be organising music releases in the meantime…

Music Releases

Funnily enough, when I was out in Berlin, one of my brother’s old Uni friends was asking me why it had gone quiet on the music front as he hadn’t heard too much from my Facebook page recently, which is another thing that prompted me to write this – thanks Brandy (that’s his name btw)!

I’m going to aim for a new EP release in December 2019 but once I’ve had the time to drill down in to my good old spreadsheet again, I’ll be firming up the details with you charming followers and blogging it from the cyber rooftops! I’ve not just been working on Liquid Drum & Bass either but also some other genres… watch this space!

Just Digital Copies?

Some of you legends have asked whether there are any vinyl copies of my music out in the world and at the moment, unfortunately not. I haven’t looked in to “hard copies” of my releases yet but I’m not ruling it out as I know the sound quality of a vinyl is unrivalled vs digital (even wav files). So for now, it’s just the digital copies on my website which probably offer the best sound quality vs the mp3 and FLAC formats you get from the online stores for now. I’ll research a little bit more in to other merchandise at the beginning of 2020 as well and see if that’s something you awesome people would be interested in!

Electronic Music Alliance (EMA)

This has been a pretty surreal experience from the 2nd January as I co-founded an online music community with DaveyHub and Bufinjer. We wanted to create a place where active and engaged electronic music producers could come together, collaborate, share knowledge, experiences and enjoy each other’s music to help grow everyone’s reach online. Since we launched, we’ve united over 100 members that we affectionately call “EMAliens” aboard our mothership. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll see me refer to them QUITE a lot!

There’s weekly playlists on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube, along with a monthly newsletter at the end of the month over on our website which keeps everything moving along nicely and there’s no shortage of new underground beats. I highly recommend to anyone who likes their electronic music in all flavours to check out the weekly recipes of delicious beats and follow the EMA Twitter page šŸ™‚

Electronic Alliance Records (EAR)

You’ll also see me releasing all of my tracks from now on the EMA community run label called Electronic Alliance Records (EAR). We decided to create this label as a natural progression for those active members in our community getting an additional perk of releasing with us should they want to. We’ve had plenty of releases to sink our teeth into already! Long may it last!

Power House Creatives

The Power House Creatives community has been SUCH a big influence on my writing. If you can cast your mind back to the horrors of my blogs from a couple of years ago (I wouldn’t recommend it) then, hopefully, you’d have noticed an improvement in the writing side at least! I owe it to the skills I’ve learnt from being surrounded by some awesomely talented writers in this group that have shown me a few tricks and trained me well! So I have to give them a mention in this update – thanks guys and girls!

Travel Blogs

This is where it gets interesting as my travel blogs have been getting noticed by an online travel blogging community called @travelfeed. They have been really supportive of all my Australia and New Zealand series by featuring them on the front page of their website and have strongly encouraged me to write my travel blogs there.

I’ve reached up to blog number 22 of my Aus & NZ trip now and if you’ve been following the series and wondering where they have gone then you will find them over on my travelfeed profile. I’ve included the links below to the last two blogs and if you want to get involved, you can create a free profile too by clicking “Sign Up” at the top and there may be a little bit more in it for you too. Interested? Read on!

Part 21 of the Aus & New Zealand Adventure (click the image to read the article)
Part 22 of the Aus & New Zealand Adventure (click the image to read the article)

Steem – Future of Social Media?

Another reason why I’ve not been posting too much from my website, Facebook page or even Twitter is because I’ve been enjoying using a new social media and blogging platform called Steem (which travelfeed is a part of). Essentially, it’s a place where content (for example music or travel blogs for me) can receive small payments in the form of a cryptocurrency called “steem”. This can then be converted into Ā£ if you wanted or you can keep it in your Steem account to strengthen it (called “Powering Up).

I like this “Power Up” feature because it means I can then support other content creators on the Steem platform as, unlike with Facebook or Twitter where the “heart button” just adds a number to the counter, your Steem “heart button” actually pays people for the hard work they’ve put in to making the video, blog, music post, whatever it is!

Not only that but by supporting your favourite content creator on the platform with a “heart”, you also get something in return. For example, if your “heart” is worth 2p, you will get 1p back – in other words, you as a fan get to support your favourites AND get an automatic token of appreciation to build your own account. Compare that to subscription models like Spotify or Netflix where you don’t get anything back for paying subscriptions and supporting your favourite movies with a “heart button”. An example of how that works is below.

One of my recent posts got 151 likes worth $2.63, of which I’ll get $1.30 and the other half is split between those 386 that hit “like”

It’s still early days as the platform goes through a lot of changes but if you’re wondering where I’m mostly hanging out, it’s Steem, and I share a lot of my music, upcoming and previous releases, on my profile there.

If you have any questions about Steem, give me a shout as I would be happy to answer them but a few from EMA have joined and there are a few DnB heads too so party time! Also, if you’re reading this on my website, you should be able to see just above the comments section a sign up link too.

Coming Up…

So as you can see, there’s plenty of things going on and to look forward to! Hope you enjoyed that coffee! Once I have the old spreadsheet sorted out with music releases, I’ll be hitting you folks back up with an update here and I can’t wait to share it with you! If you want to reach me, you know where to find me šŸ˜‰

As always, take it easy


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