Havey’s Halloween Drum & Bass – Dark Times

Is It Safe Out There?

Boo! Haha! Got you! Just when you thought it was safe to come outside, think again. I’ve got a couple of spooky tracks coming up in these next two blogs for all you fiends who are brave enough to traverse your way through this horror filled landscape 😈

In part one of our Halloween tale, LW and I managed to throw up a rave for the zombies in the abandoned village pub. We don’t know how they came to be zombies, just that they were there after the village had somehow been affected by an unknown event that brought the dead back to life. When the Zombie Rave had finished, there was no time to mingle with our new groupies…

Dark Times

The generator in the pub had now been fully exhausted just as the track was finishing. BANG! The lights went out but thankfully we managed to dash out on to the street and make a run for it. Both of us sprinting as fast as we could in to the darkness.

Or at least I think it was both of us. In between the sound of my own hard breathing and pelting footsteps against the ground, it was hard to tell if we were both together still. A minute after gunning for it as fast and as far away as I could, I stopped to catch my breath. Heart pounding, sweat beginning to pour down my forehead.

“LW!” I whispered as loud as I could without drawing any undue attention to myself from the horde. Nothing. I tried again, “LW!” Sh*t. This isn’t good. Not the place to be on your own – the woods, in the dark, in the middle of some dreaded apocalypse that you had no idea how it started. Dark times indeed…

I began walking down a path in the woods that I knew would take me back to where LW and I were going to be meeting tomorrow night – “Snare’s Grave”. Hoping she’d be there in one piece, it’s where we said we’d meet for the 3 year anniversary since Snare’s passing. Maybe she would be on the same wavelength and meet me there now. I managed to make it to the grave area and crouched down in the shadows next to the wall and stay out of harm’s way.

Snare’s Grave (thanks to an earlier picture from LW)

“Do you remember…?” a voice whispered from behind me as I felt my life was about to be taken away from me. I turned around to see a hooded figure with the whites of their eyes reflecting in the moon light as this mysterious figure took a step closer. “Do you remember…?” The voice repeated… “Do you remember… me… you turnip, it’s LW?! That rave was a success wasn’t it? Talk about the graveyard shift!” LW started to snigger. “Bloody hell LW! You little sh**…!” I laughed with a big sigh of relief that we were reunited again and we sat down on the bench, overlooking Snare’s grave.

But our joy of reunion was short lived as something started changing in the air. “Looks like a storm’s coming” LW said as the clouds began swirling above and rumbles of thunder were getting closer and closer. This was no ordinary storm though, not one that we’re used to in the normal world. Within a matter of seconds, a vortex like cloud formation appeared with little bolts lightning surrounding the ring it formed… This didn’t look good at all… We both looked at each other as if to say, “Not again!” and then, in synchronicity shouted…”RUN!”

Coming Up Next…

Oh dear, where will this story end?! There’s just one more part to this Halloween Horror tale which I thought would be a good bit of fun for this time of the year to share my darker tracks and I know you folks who like a trip to the dark side might appreciate this little trilogy 🙂

Stay tuned for part 3 in the next couple of days and then I may let you out of the darkness mwahahaha!


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